6 thoughts on “Why do the masses surrender their freedom so easily?”

  1. Everyone I know who goes along with it thinks it will end soon. It’s impossible to convince them otherwise, because ‘soon’ never comes.

    1. Your comment reminds me of this quote:

      “You comply because you want it to end.
      But it is because of your compliance that it will never end.
      Compliance does not give you liberty, compliance only merits you another jab!” Unknown

      1. Very true, how many boosters will they get before they realize that their trust in the WHO and all of its minions was a plan to kill them off. A lot will die blaming us that didn’t go along with the scamdemic. Satan is the great deceiver, so many “catholics “ jumped in line to get injected with their doom. Praise God for letting us see the evil plan. But we still have the responsibility of living our Catholic faith and praying for them to wake up.

  2. I have thought about this. Someone asked me if I thought people were stupid. And I can honestly say I don’t. You don’t get angry at a four year old for not knowing calculus. If they were simply stupid, mass irrationality wouldn’t grieve me so so much, It is precisely because they are capable of being rational creatures but choose willful ignorance that grieves me,

    So it’s not stupidity but something else that prevents them from using their God-given human abilities.

  3. If we are talking about the topic, then the answer is NO!!! People do not give up their freedoms. That is something we have never had, only talked about to seduce us to follow and stay asleep during the trip.

    Studying hypnotized, suppressed humans is not how you know about the species. EG} the characteristics of a bird in a cage are different than when not.

    Why does the bird want to be in the cage…asking for a friend )

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