22 thoughts on “Archbishop Lenga: Catholics should now form Catacomb Churches”

  1. How the Holy Spirit will bring together Faithful & priests who appreciate both what is happening & what is at stake will very likely prove to be the signal miracle of grace in this dark hour.

    1. But these priests must be pure and far removed from the Sodomite clergy both in thd Novus Ordo and the traditionalist groups…where will you find even one?

      1. God will provide, since as the author of vocations, He both can and knows how much they are needed.

  2. Excellent talk from Archbishop Lenga. Thank you for posting it.
    It seems that he endured the communist occupation of Poland, and perhaps he now sees something similar happening, except that now the enemy is occupying the Church also. It’s a good idea to start catacomb churches.

  3. Archbishop Lenga carries the Holy Faith with a degree of gravitas appropriate to one who would be a worthy and legitimate successor to Pope Benedict XVI. Deus vult!

  4. Wonderful message of hope , thank you for sharing.

    What needs to be done to prepare a room for a priest in order for him to celebrate a mass for catholics faithful of the true Magisterium of the Church?
    Thank you

      1. Sorry, bad typing. I meant to ask if the altar is taller than 100 cm, it then can’t be used to offer a mass?

      2. It can be any height, so long as it is not inconvenient, but the tradition in the Roman Rite is 105-120 cm… Remember, the priest has to bow over when he makes the consecration. A priest who is short told me he prefers 85 cm. A tall priest told me he prefers 110 cm.

      3. Ah, that makes sense and is good to know. I’m pretty tall and so didnt think of that when setting up an altar at home in case I need to harbor a priest. I’m glad you mentioned this!

  5. That would be helpful to know the altar requirements and a list of everything needed for the priest, to offer Holy Mass in a refuge or someone’s home.
    God bless you for helping us in these dangerous times.

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