How Ukrainians fight against Dictatorship-supporting Police

FromRome.Info does not know the provenance of this video, which shows a group of citizens, without firearms, pushing back a group of police protecting a government building. In the process they use a variety of on hand items. But admittedly these police are not on the offensive and have orders to be passive.

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3 thoughts on “How Ukrainians fight against Dictatorship-supporting Police”

  1. It’s a video back in years, about the Ukranian ousting of the president Yanukovich. Nothing to do with the present days and the sanitary regime.

  2. Dear Friends, Unfortunately, this video is from 2014, it is probably from the “Color Revolution” to overthrow the legitimate government of Ukraine by the New World Order Globalist Establishment and Their Proxies and Flunkies on the ground in Kiev (i.e. Ukrainian Storm Trooper “Black Lives Matter”, “Antifa” and MS13 units): I have removed this post from all Root and Branch internet platforms to avoid confusion for our readers. HAVING SAID THAT, I agree entirely with Brother Alexis as per above. Chanukah Sameach, Lowell Joseph Gallin

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