7 thoughts on “Macron Govt. to turn interior of Notre Dame into Ideological Theme Park?”

  1. Notice the date December 9, the day after the conclusion of the year of St Joseph. I fear it will be a dark winter for the Faithful.

  2. You know in 2019 the day it happened I said it was part of the Government agenda against the Catholic Church and an inside job.. I’m now 100% convinced I was right.. this is a travesty, an abomination and an insult to all of faith, they are trying to send a message that they are in charge, but we know they aren’t. Can’t wait till they find out who the boss is..

    1. I do think that Notre Dame was destroyed by a state act of arson. Macron certain has all the malice necessary.

  3. This means zero, it’s two minutes to midnight for Paris right now. Catholic prophecy states only two churches will survive the destruction of Paris : Sacre Coeur Monmarte and Notre Dame Des Victoires

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