The Church of Bergoglio is excommunicating those who dissent from Globalism

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

It was never more evident that the Church which calls its pope “Francis” is not the Catholic Church but a Masonic construct which serves only the agenda of the Great Reset and excommunicates those who are faithful to Jesus Christ.

A case in point is the recent declaration of Don Vitaliano of Avellino, the Director of “Catholic Charity”:

In short, this pastor has asked all the members of his flock who are not DeathVaxxed to stay at home and not come to church any more!

The twisted logic here seems to be that if you are not on board with the Great Reset that you are no longer a “child of God”.  The truth is perhaps that by “god”, Bergoglio does not mean that of the Bible, but that of the Lodge (Satan) or of some Amazonian Cult (Pachamama).

But in reality, the agenda of excluding Catholics who are wary of an experimental deadly serum, which was designed to kill, is that the clergy who laud Bergoglio has their new Messiah do not want any Catholic with faith, who knows how to reason and expose liars, sitting in their pews, since they are out to catch as many simple minded folk and lead them into Globalist slavery or death, out of their intense hatred for Jesus Christ.

And it is no exaggeration, that I write that Bergoglio is considered a new Messiah, on account of recurring examples which appear in the press, such as:

  • An Image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, in which Jesus is replaced with Bergoglio.
  • Cardinal Cantalamessa who said that Bergoglio can be compared to Jesus in scriptural passages.
  • A priest in one confessional in northern Italy, who tells penitents, “Listen to Pope Francis. He said that taking the Vaccine is an act of love. You must listen to him because Pope Francis is God.”


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11 thoughts on “The Church of Bergoglio is excommunicating those who dissent from Globalism”

  1. Thanks for the Ignominous List (all cases for urgent psychiatric treatment)!
    To which I suggest to add the new anti-Credo prayer with Bergoglio replacing God (due to some smart anti-priest from Latin America. Of course with good chances to be soon appointed cardinal, just like Cantalamessa).

  2. The “Cardinal” Cantalamessa is not even a true son of San Francisco he is, because he is not faithful to Christ… Here in Brazil, they are manufacturing images of Bishop Bergoglio for veneration.

  3. He can’t excommunicate anyone. Aren’t Jesuits excommunicated themselves? Anyway, not a legit pope and obviously an enemy of Jesus Christ, so nope, he can’t.

  4. The god of Bergoglio is obviously Satan. This is proven by three things, nay four do I say. . . .

    First, his worship of the pachamama. All the gods of the pagans are devils, as it is written in the Psalms.

    Second, his deranged support of the Covidian cult, and its lockdowns, including the cessation of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass; economic devastation; and experimental murderous abortion-derived genetic-serum poisons.

    Third, his globalist masonic tendencies toward one world religion, which the Pseudo-Pope “Francis” obviously prefers in every way to the One True Catholic Faith.

    And finally, Pseudo-Pope Bergoglio’s constant attack against the One True Faith, in its Sacraments; priesthood; the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass; and its perennial teaching.

    The poof priests and prelates and other clergy who deify the Pseudo-Pope or attack the Old Mass are repulsive. It is good that they are outing themselves for all to see.

    This is, I believe, Pope Benedict’s plan to purify Holy Mother Church.

    As we approach the feast of the Immaculate Conception, let’s consider starting a novena today that we may rejoice with her on her feast.

    “Rejoice O Virgin Mary, for thou alone hast destroyed all heresies throughout the world.”

  5. As with everything else in Nu Church, they do not actually and formally excommunicate anyone … because they can’t. Excommunication requires connecting persistent belief in error and persistent acting out that belief – *and most importantly* – connecting that error to a dogmatic belief, part of the Sacred Deposit of Faith, delivered by God once for all, protected by the Church’s Magisterium.

    What Nu Church does is very different than the formal process of excommunication. What they do is more akin to what happens in a school lunchroom, in which one group of children exclude another child or other group of children from participating in their clique. It is a Mean Girls attempt to control the social strata. It has nothing, literally nothing to do with Dogmatic belief, because the “Mean Girls” are the ones who have left the sacred heaven of Dogma and Constant Church Teaching. They don’t connect Vaccine refusal to dogmatic belief because they can’t. And they do t even try. They have a lunchroom and it’s social complexities to control. Belief and Dogma and submission to Almighty God is not even on the pallet of possibilities in their world. It never crosses their mind.

    Therefor, I don’t worry about “excommunication” from Nu Church or its Mean Girl wardens. I submit to the Sacred Words of Jesus Christ and the Deposit of Faith which is a quantifiable and knowable thing. These point to Jesus, within the Holy Trinity, and it is that – only that – that I care about. If the visible Church has left that path, it is *by definition* heretical and I reject all heretics as deadly to my soul.

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