World Medical Association Chairman calls for Mandatory Universal DeathVaxxing

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3 thoughts on “World Medical Association Chairman calls for Mandatory Universal DeathVaxxing”

  1. They make a huge fuss over Omicron when really the symptoms are very mild. Nothing like panicking the public over a mild flu in order to force more tyranny. They just can’t help themselves. But God will scatter their plans and kill all these demons

  2. Nowhere in our governing Constitutional documents, nor in all of human history has there ever been a “right to not get sick”.

    Individual human liberty is, however, the foundation cornerstone of Western civilization as well as of our Catholic Faith as revealed by God.

    Our liberty is worth more than 1,000 times anyone else’s right not to be infected or not get sick. We shouldn’t even discuss power of virus variants or the efficacy of this that or another drug. I Don’t Care.

    Science is a religion and Fauci is a False Prophet of the Scientism Religion. I don’t trust Doctors any more nor the modern variant of science. This fellow’s call for mandatory *whatever* I immediately, without reading the details, place in the trash pile with all the other rotting stinky stuff. I simply don’t care, what anyone who claims “science” has to say. The modern science variant does not illumine – it is dangerous, lethal. Those who practice it must someday be held to criminal account.

  3. ‘Omicron’ is an anagram of ‘Moronic’.

    ME THINKS that anyone at this point who believes what they are being fed by the enemies of mankind is the MORONIC TYPE of the MODERN MORONIC CLASS.

    Also, santa is an anagram of satan. This explains so much regarding the dismissal of CHRISTMAS TRUTH THAT IT WAS, IS, and ALWAYS WILL BE THE BIRTH OF OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST WHICH WE CELEBRATE.

    IT IS NOT satan klaus, not gnomes which are goblins, not the nothing holiday time , not the bergoglian astronaut nativity nor the bergoglian homoerotic nativity.
    Nor is it any of the other satanic representations of the FAKE, PHONY, FRAUDULENT LIES AND DECEPTIONS that have been widely accepted by the MORONIC CLASS .

    We hope that this will help some to WAKE UP so that they will RECOGNIZE THE HELL of satan and his minions that has been brainwashing, mind controlling, and psyop manipulating the minds of so MANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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