3 thoughts on “BigPharma is on a witch-hunt to de-license Doctors who oppose the Scamdemic”

  1. Doctor Mercola’s words-
    ”How did the AMA go from being an association dedicated to promoting excellence, integrity and ethics in the medical field, to persecuting and “excommunicating” doctors who follow their conscience, sound medical practice — and the actual law?”

    This was never the reason the AMA was founded by the Rockefeller Family. The AMA [American medical association] along with the ADA, [American dental association] and the Cancer Society and many other organizations were all founded by the families of those who are the so called [13?] ”ruling families”. These ”powers” operate seemingly silently behind everyone of the controlled agents, a.k.a. the appointed front men and front women who are in high places in order to carry out the dictates of the globalist ”powers” in their quest for the new world order.

    The Blessed Virgin Mary of Fatima came to Portugal for six months on the 13th of each month [ except that on the 13th of August the Freemasonic ruler of the region kidnapped the three children, and so OUR LADY of FATIMA came on the 19th of August instead] .

    Is it possible that the number 13 is related to the 13 ”ruling” families over whom THE IMMACULATE HEART will TRIUMPH once the CONSECRATION OF RUSSIA is done in complete obedience ?

    There is a cabal of many organizations which were obviously founded for this present day agenda in order to carry out the present day plan of globalism.

    We await the TRIUMPH of THE IMMACULATE HEART with our FAITHFUL hearts, and we will not be disappointed because this is THE HOPE and PROMISE given by GOD to all who have eyes to see and ears to hear.

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