7 thoughts on “DeathVaxx inserts wireless network into your body”

  1. My gosh! There we are Br – a working [growing evidential l] hypothesis in realtime. Indeed, instinctively it is quite shocking and truly disturbing but increasingly co oberated by individual scientists.

    The prominent questions arise in my mind are three fold

    the volatility in the general data, e.g perhaps not every vial in terms of numbers studied sampled etc

    and also the potential [via NAC- as the evidence based research suggests/ points to.- the capability of the degradation of the Graphene oxide
    for example; post jab , a 3-6 month period if the person ingests say 650 mg – 750 mg of NAC daily which degrades the graphene oxide elements over that period, rendering the graphene oxide based elements obsolete or severely reduced in potential working capacity / operability [remotely ?]one then asks via what ?

    The associated PROXIMATE technological infrastructure , e.g. building’s/home’s via routers – 5/6g etc, wireless particle
    elemental clouds in schools, institutions, businesses etc, street lamposts and antennas ,

    From the emerging data it seems they need multiple occasions of administration of the ‘serum’ -[nano network sensor contents’] , e.g rolling calendar [and in too’ regular calendar shots’ flu, MMR , HPV etc please also see La Columna] monthly , quarterly bi perhaps tri monthly. they need then multiple incidences of new ‘mutants , one supposes , pre ‘patented’ released bio-viral weapons. in order to accumulate the necessary viable elemental operability of this ‘self-assembly nano sensor network’.

    One looks to the nome’culture’ ; e.g. ‘death vax’, etc then, of course, is an essential fundamental ‘name/term, based on the evidence but also there is now emerging another transcendent technological and supra national and of course, the tell-tale signs of a supernatural or super force that is orchestrating, propelling this new total war.

    it is obviously the case that he is here.

    There then arises another question regarding the context of revelation verse and chapter and whom Bergoglio is in this verse and chapter ? If these MAC ‘S and Nano Sensor System [in the literature ] is the mark of the beast , is then bergoglio the prophet of AntiChrist? that has evidentially usurped the seat of Peter , systematically destroying the church as to a defunct fissioned , atomised [synodal democratic or easily manovered Anglican Church – ‘The bishop’ in brother Fulton Sheen’s analysis and or prophecy.?

    These MAC addresses and Nano Sensor Network elements are a validating signature to the essential transcendence and supernatural

    it is, in its preposed pre-planned outcome, evidently more than death, but a living death where the dignity and sovereign autonomy as God made us all, is truly and horrorfically violated and usurped in every way imaginable physiologically and psychologically.

    It is Brother, a spirit, a psychological supernatural psychopathic EVIL movement of elements [spirits, psycho-ideaologies of the ‘psyche’- greek for soul, for hearts and minds, and EVIL inclined perverse and truly wicked persons working en sync to bring about this new total war in a very personal human sense,[ violation of God’s creation – made in the image of God] facilitated by the general societal pervasive Culture of Self and selfishness.

    Sorry for going on

    I am watching, and he has impelled me to write to you

    love, your brother in Christ Yeshua

    thomas fisherman

    i contacted you the other day about the MAC phenom and the Mark of the beast and i am in the process of starting a website but would be happy to write contributory articles for free for you?

    i also contacted you a couple of years ago with regards to the beginning in earnest of the unveiling

    may God Bless and Save you and those you love

    please note my e-mail address is old and defunct

  2. During the whole plandemic throughout 2020 and until recently, I was not afraid of other people, because I knew the whole thing was a lie. But now with injected people becoming nodes on a wireless network and shedding who knows what, the situation has become truly terrifying.

    1. Try living with someone who was injected, I’ve been sick for months. But what’s worse is that he doesn’t believe anything I tell him about it, so he will not even take cautionary measures to help me.
      Yes I am moving but I’m waiting for a lump sum of money which is taking what seems like forever.
      I’ve recently converted to catholicism.
      He hates Christians, I cannot imagine what lies beyond for him I’m not even sad for him anymore, I’m disgusted at his true nature.

      1. Our Lord still wants to save him , don’t give up. Put his name on your prayer list , forgiving through The Sacred Heart of Jesus and His Holy Wounds. What is difficult for us is not impossible for God.

      2. I agree. The place I have been working in for the last 4 years have been going fine. Until some months ago after everyone else is vaccinated. Now I feel sick and get irregular heartbeats every now and then after work. Never happened to me before.
        We have to oppose this deadly so called “vaccine” at all cost.

        God bless

  3. The Spanish group Quinta Columna (5th Column — a historical reference) has amazing research on the nano tech in the shots. But it’s being censored. They had a piece a few days ago about the nanorouters and it’s been removed from their site. You can still find other sites with images from it though. If you want to know more, see the English subtitled video here analyzing their nanorouter research: https://www.bitchute.com/video/B9myrbttebWZ/

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