2 thoughts on “US District Court strikes down Biden’s DeathVaxx Mandate for Health Care workers”

  1. The injunction is great. At the same time the individual healthcare businesses can and seem to be compelling workers to be tested, tested, and tested some more.

    Since the tests (along with masks, jabs, and social distancing) are also EUA medical countermeasures, aka medical devices, informed consent for the ongoing clinical investigation is required by law.

    Title 21 CFR 50.23, 50.24, and 50.25 can be used by individuals to inform their test-happy employers as to the remedy each employee has since 50.25 (8) says that when a human subject refuses to volunteer he does not lose his benefits or privileges.

    Opt out. You have informed them that they are breaking the law and that you refuse to participate in illegal activity on their part.

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