POLAND: Parliament establishes Committee to investigate Plandemic

Another copy:

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5 thoughts on “POLAND: Parliament establishes Committee to investigate Plandemic”

  1. Looks like this record is two weeks old. I saw it dated the 15th of November. Since then, unfortunately, Polish mass mis-information media have not provided any update. Pity. My Polish friends are trying to get anything from Grzegorz Bauer, the Parliamentarian who opened the meeting. No success yet.

    1. Igor, correction; this is not Grzegorz Bauer, but Grzegorz Brown! He is far-right parliamentarian, who has a lot of internal opposition.

      1. He is not far-right or left-right. He is a monarchist. He rejects demonic democracy and all evil that stands behind it. He is pro life and pro gun. He is also a devout traditional catholic. He is a big advocate of christian culture and history. For that leftists hate him very much.

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