Archbishop Gänswein confirms that Benedict XVI is a prisoner in the Vatican

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

In a stunning turn of events, Andrea Cionci has obtained from the personal secretary of His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI the confirmation that he is a prisoner in the Vatican and is not free to do as he pleases.

The confirmation came in Archbishop Gänswein’s response to Cionci’s request for a private audience with the Holy Father to interview him on the events of February 2013 and the Holy Father’s cryptic way of speaking during the last 8 years.

You can see a photo of the letter here, along side of which are the two different coat of arms of Archbishop Ganswein, those he currently uses, and those he used to use, when Benedict XVI was in power at the Vatican.

First, I will give an English translation of the text, then I will comment.

Vatican City
October 27, 2021

To the most Illustrious Doctor Cionci,

I will respond to your respectful letter of October 19 last, in regard to your request for a “private audience” with Benedict XVI, Papa emerito, to assure you that He did not omit to give your proposed request an attentive consideration.

In this regard, it is my duty to inform you in the name of the Holy Father emeritus that, despite ever good intention, it is not at all possible to favorably grant your desire.

Please accept my best regards,


+George Ganswein

The letter is typed. Most notably, it is typed on stationary with the coat of arms which the Archbishop used during the Pontificate of Pope Benedict XVI, which the Archbishop abandoned in 2017.

Now, it is obvious, since the Holy Father has given many interviews in the last 8 years and has spend 100s of hours speaking with his official biographer, than it is indeed possible for him to speak with journalists. If he is not free to speak with those he wishes, however, then Cionci is correct, that the Pope is a prisoner in the Vatican, the See is impeded, and the cryptic way of speaking used by Pope Benedict XVI is to get these messages out, which would otherwise be censored.

Here the Holy Father had an excellent and appropriate opportunity to meet with Cionci and debunk his entire thesis, if the Holy Father thought it was wrong. But he did not.

On the other hand, if Cionci is 100% or nearly 100% correct, the Holy Father does not need to meet with him to affirm that. He only has to decline the request, making sure Ganswein uses stationary which indicates He is still the reigning pontiff.

And that is just the point.

But if you did not get the hint, note that the letter is dated October 27, which is the first day Pope Damasus reigned as Pope after defeating his rival the Antipope Ursinus in a 3 day battle, which he won on Oct. 26, 366 A. D.. The Battle took place at the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore, here at Rome.

Or in other words, “Be at peace, my son, for the Lord has promised me the victory in this battle, and I am soon to have it!”

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23 thoughts on “Archbishop Gänswein confirms that Benedict XVI is a prisoner in the Vatican”

    1. Ganswein also said, on the occasion that Bergoglio released some doves and they were struck down by crows, that Popes never had a tradition of releasing doves, even though they have for several centuries. So what he says on his own is sketchy at best.

    2. Ganswein lies:

      “By the way, Pope Benedict and I have already been vaccinated for the third time. And we did so out of conviction.”

      I can tell he is lying because an honest spokesman would not have inserted himself by saying “we” if Pope Benedict had actually made that statement. A normal response would have been to say “he.”

  1. I am sure under Florida law that Ganswein if there would be prosecuted for “elder abuse,” and it is the duty of citizens to report it. It is emotional abuse of the elderly to withhold information from the outside world, control who they see, speak for them without their permission, hold them prisoner in their own home, etc.

  2. The fact that Pope Benedict XVI is still alive is, as far as I’m concerned, a miracle. IMO – he is sustained by Angels, protected by St. Michael himself, for the Holy Father’s final purpose which has not yet been revealed … “in the fullness of time”.

    1. I completely agree with you.
      Those who believe that Fatima’s prophetic mission is finished are mistaken. (Pope Benedikt XVI.; 5/13/2010 in Fatima).

      Those who believe that Pope Benedict’s mission is finished are even more mistaken!!!

    2. Did you know that this current pope,is connected to an investigatuon in argentina.Some 23000 kids were raped over a decades ling of abuses by people in the church and also non going church people.I understand that there was information about an attempt by a secret body of intelligance people who tried to arrest him about 8 months back and it was thwarted .This man looked the other way on crimes on little children.This is why you do not see him travelling any where if i had done this i would”nt leave the vatican leader and i”m a catholoic i have not attended a catholuc church in 30 years.

      1. First thing, Bergoglio is not the pope. At FromRome.Info you can find all the info on that.
        Second thing, that he covered up child rape by priests and religious, is a notorious fact.
        That it was 23,000 I have not heard of a number cited.
        That someone tried to arrest him. I doubt it, because you cannot arrest a de facto head of state.
        That he is totally corrupt and a mason, yes.
        That you should separate yourself from Christ or His Church on account of any of the above: that is exactly what Satan wants.

  3. Does the article suggest that the current pope is a usurper and a fraud ? Was Benedict replaced because he refused to go along with the global agenda ? Was he replaced because he wanted to stop the satanic paedophilia ? If true then the current pope is an imposter, he certainly behaves like one. As a Jesuit he is a crypto Jew and it certainly appears as if he is promoting the NWO nad all the horrors that go with it.

  4. I agree with Daidy Beagle. I suspect the money mafia NWO crowd have an imposter, Francis, in the chair, and Benedict is their prisoner. Soon now, it will be over. People in USA are the law enforcers with enough muscle to get the job done. Lots of action in the board rooms

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