Dr. Andreas Noack dies after being brutally attacked

This report leaves a lot of questions, since the reporter in reciting the facts, at times says, “He has been killed”, “He might be dead” etc…

Those readers who are fluent in German, are asked to leave more information in the comments.

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16 thoughts on “Dr. Andreas Noack dies after being brutally attacked”

  1. The German chemist Dr. Andreas Noack has really died. Here is his obituary:
    I personally can’t figure this man out. He was an esotericist and believed in aliens. On November 19, 2020, the police stormed his apartment during a live stream. You can see it here:
    However, the police said that the raid had nothing to do with Dr. Noack.
    More circumstances surrounding his death can be seen here:
    The second video of his girlfriend (wife?) has English subtitles.
    The way his girlfriend/wife describes the death in the 3rd video, I suspect it was a heart attack.

  2. The Mysterious Crime of Andreas Noack


    “ Ja, der Polizeieinsatz fand statt. Er richtete sich jedoch nicht gegen den Betreiber des Streams. Zu den Hintergründen können wir keine weiteren Angaben machen. Ihr Social Media Team.”

    “ Yes, the police operation took place. However, it was not directed against the operator of the stream. We cannot provide any further information about the background. Your social media team.”

    “Gegen die von Ihnen genannte Person wird bei der Staatsanwaltschaft Berlin kein Ermittlungsverfahren geführt. Der Polizeieinsatz fand anlässlich der Fahndung nach einer anderen Person statt.”

    “ The Berlin Public Prosecutor’s Office will not conduct an investigation against the person you have named. The police operation took place on the occasion of the search for another person.”




    1. Since it was the private residence of the Doctor, I really doubt the explanation given by the police. It seems only an excuse for an obvious act of harassment. Because they never asked him his name, which is the first thing police should do when searching for someone.

  3. To clear up misunderstandings I write again. In the video with the English subtitles the girlfriend / wife tells about a brutal attack. To understand this sentence one must know that Dr. Noack believed that there are secret weapons, energetic radiation weapons. The girlfriend / wife probably believed in a radiation attack at first.
    But in the 3rd video she clearly says that she was alone with Andreas Noack when Mr. Noack suddenly got cramps and pain and stopped speaking. Then he recovered. During the night in bed, his condition worsened. He started having breathing problems and was gasping. The woman called the emergency doctor. Until the emergency doctor arrived, the woman gave the man artificial respiration and chest compressions. The doctors were initially able to resuscitate Mr. Noack, but then he died because the heart valves were defective. At the end of the video, the woman is asked if she believes it was a radiation weapon. That’s when she says she’s not familiar with the subject.
    Personally, I don’t believe in aliens and radiation weapons and stuff like that. To me, the whole thing looks like a heart attack.


    1. Well aliens don’t exist, but radiation weapons do, however as they require a lot of power and massive coils, unless they deploy one near your house it won’t have much effect. However, if you have graphene oxide or some other absorbitive substance in you, perhaps a 5G tower could be used to kill you.

      1. Brother, I was interested in the subject of UFOs and ETs in my youth and came across an interview with Fr. Malachi Martin where he unequivocally states that ETs exist, quote: “but we know very little about them, or the people that know something are not sharing it with us.”
        Now, I do NOT recommend anyone go research this subject. I haven’t read about it in a long time and will definitely stay out of this “field”.

      2. Father Malachi Martin was defrocked for breaking is promise of chastity and had adulterous affairs with several married women. Don’t take what he says as the truth.

      3. Dr Noack explained in the video Nov 23rd. That it is Graphene Hydroxide which are like tiny razor sharp blades in composition and these have been found in the Covid vaccines. They are not broken down and will stay forever in the body damaging the blood vessels and causing all sorts of bleeding and blood clots, etc., If injected into a persons vein and entering the bloodstream.

  4. Okay, so when he was raided and arrested by the Police, I saw that thing live on Twitter from a follower before her account was shut down. I wonder what the Processing is like when arrested by the German State Police and if they shoved that swab up his nose and other things before putting him in a holding sell & then what happened with him before being released. Kind of sounds like the German State did what the Italian Secret Police did at that one protest that got a friend of Br. Alexis’ super ill from attending. Then with him; the doctor having a studio with excellent internet coverage to do those videos, I bet the cell towers were 5G; so whatever they did to him in lock up and then at home; boom. Perfect Storm.

  5. Apparently she said two different staments about his death: brutally attacked at first, then heart attack by a “radiation weapon” . So what is the truth?

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