GERMANY: The Federal Republic unmaskes itself as the Fourth Reich

 Here is just one of thousands of examples of the viciousness being unleashed by the German police on the citizens and residents of the Federal Republic who do not observe the Scamdemic Restrictions:

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4 thoughts on “GERMANY: The Federal Republic unmaskes itself as the Fourth Reich”

  1. In Australia it’s no jab no job, many people have resigned even supermarket workers are required to get the jab. I dont know how people are living? There are vaccine mandates but even these are contact traced,so they can’t go into large retail store without showing proof of vax and proof of sign ins for contact tracing, these are needed to keep the scamdemic going and the excuse for the jab boosters. Our demonic leaders are now all on power trips like never before. Victoria got a permanent scamdemic bill pass through despite the huge numbers of protests.
    And in the Northern Territory the aboriginal elders were forcibly taken to covid camps.
    In the coming months they say we won’t have fuel neither for jabbed nor the unjabbed because of the diesel crisis world wide.
    The globalists are doing a good job, but heaven will avenge them in due time is what I always say

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