6 thoughts on “Globalists move to shut down Free Speech of independent media, forever”

  1. The Globalists (almost all Jews) have created and obviously control all social media and related state-of-the-art technology, to advance, with the other tools at their disposal, the planetary dictatorship of the New World Order ruled by their messiah: the antichrist. Initially and until today they have made the Goym believe that the purpose was that of their free and DEMOCRATIC expression, also earning mountains of money on their credulity and filing them in their gigantic databases. Today the Globalists do not care that the Goyms discover the true social media goals , because it is too late to escape from the prison, which the Goyms have essentially built with their own hands, under the watchful direction of the Globalists themselves. Speaking or hoping or believing in free expression is just a reckless and irresponsible attitude. Free expression has never existed, if not in homeopathic measures just to give the Goyim a furtherillusion. Only God can free us from globalist slavery, but to act He needs something that has almost completely disappeared from the face of the earth: our Faith in Him. Jesus Christ could not perform many miracles in His homeland, Nazareth, because the Nazarenes did not they believed he was the Messiah. God cannot work miracles without our faith, not as a punishment, but because having created us free (the soul is by its very definition and nature FREE) respects our freedom, which we express FREELY by believing or not believing in Him. If God would decide to save us without our active collaboration (which is impossible for the above reasons), He would even fall into contradiction (which is even more impossible) with Himself.
    Bitter conclusion: for this lack of faith, which prevents God from acting, let’s get ready, because the worst is yet to come.

  2. I like the Veritas defense of journalism. Do not be fooled however by the gentleman in these replies who says the globalists are almost all Jews. That is racism at its most extreme point. The Jews are still God’s chosen people, andtge LORD is not through with them yet. Interesting, too, neither is the apostle Paul. Romans 10:1
    Brethren, my heart’s desire and my prayer to God for them is for their salvation.

    1. By the way, it is not racist to say a group is almost all comprised of members of a certain race if indeed it is. The reason the Jews are responsible for so much subversive activity is precisely because as God’s chosen people they rejected the Son of God, the Word/Logos, the intelligent order in the univere. They chose the opposite, disorder, and cursed their own race by calling down Christ’s blood on themselves and their children.
      This documentary explains it:

      1. The Lord is not through with Israel yet. That is why they came back from the dead as a nation in 1948 (Ez. 37). By the way Allen, we have all like sheep gone astray each to his own way… not just Israel (Is 53:6). Each of us put Jesus on the cross, that is what sin did. It is not fair nor historically accurate to use Jewish people as a scapegoat. It is evil to do so. Hitler used this precise logic to warrant his genocide against the Jewish people called the Holocaust. Don’t be duped into believing the Jewish people are trying to take over the world. The next kingdom to come upon this earth is the Antichrist’s kingdom, and his is Roman not Jewish as depicted in Daniel’s interpretation of Neb’s dream of the 10 toes made of iron and clay (Dan 2:40ff).

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