11 thoughts on “The Plandemic has revealed the Beast of the Apocalypse”

  1. No Such thing as Rapture as described in Title. Some will be disappointed, thinking they are escaping The Cross. No pain no glory stand with Jesus Christ for His Glory . Be not afraid our liberation is at hand.

    1. The tele-evangelist notion of the rapture is not biblical. But there is a biblical doctrine which refers to the coming of the Lord, how when He comes His faithful will be exalted in the air among His Angels and Saints at His Right and Left hand.

      1. Better read the New Testament again. Thessalonians especially talks about Jesus Christ coming, the Bible doesn’t call it rapture but technically it is. In the twinkling of an eye. We , the Believers do have that Hope, but He is coming only for the blood bought believers. The Unbelievers will go through the tests and tribulations, possibly become believers at that point

    2. If not the rapture, refuges. Jesus wouldn’t give us the option of praying to escape all things and stand before the Son of Man if there is no way to escape the great tribulation.

  2. No PreTribulation Rapture.
    Revelation 6 White Horse COVID: Certification Of Vaccination Identification
    Forerunner to Revelation 13 antichrist beast system.
    Revelation 6 Pale Horse Is #VaccinationAssassination

  3. What about the false prophet that will also arrive and fool even the most devoted christians and catholics?
    How do we know who’s who when it happens?

    1. Most of us Catholics believe it has already happened, for we recognize Jorge Mario Bergoglio as the False Prophet.

  4. Hello Brother,
    So you didn’t deem useful to take notice of the clear passages of Scriptures proving the reality of the Rapture. That’s not a good move. If you persist doing so, that will tell God you are not interested in the truth of Scripture, only in your own idea, using Scriptures whenever it serves your own agenda.
    In my opinioln, this attitude is what makes some people part of the foolish virgins group. (Matth.25:1-13). So I challenge you to give this topic all the attention it deserves, asking God to reveal his truth to you. Wouldn’t you prefer to meet your Savior through the glorious Rapture rather than through the guillotine of Antichrist? Your choice !
    Below is a copy of my post you didn’t see worthy of your publication.
    Study your Bible a little better and you’ll find that the Rapture is a well established Biblical doctrine supported by numerous Scriptures. Maybe you missed 1Thess. 4:14-17 where the verb “caught up” is the translation of the greek “arpazo” which means to take by force, catch away, pull away… In latin it’s translated “rapturo” hence the word rapture.
    Since the Rapture happens simultaneously with the great Resurrection of the righteous, denying one is denying the other. I guess you don’t want to do that. Now I agree that not all who call themselves Christians will be raptured, but only those the Lord will esteem worthy of it. Here again one could do a whole detailed Bible study on the spiritual conditions to be met in order to enjoy the rapture. Those who do are called the “wise virgins” in Mat-thew 25:1-13 and will enjoy “participating in the wedding of the Lamb”. The “foolish virgins” who failed to be ready on time will find the door closed and will miss it, to be later killed as martyrs by Antichrist.
    Ruth Carney’s post below is right, although incomplete.
    P.S. Alex Jones and other like-minded people are good people but have no clue that Jesus Return is imminent to take away His elects and remove them from Harm’s way before executing His judgment upon rebellious mankind (2 Peter 2:5-9). I pray God will open their understanding that this Globalists dystopian takeover is God’s way to prepare the world for Christ’s Return wih power and glory. God bless you brother. Those who seek will find, Jesus said.

    1. You would do well to read your bible more carefully where it says, thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor. For I never denied that at the coming of the Lord all His faithful alive on Earth shall be exalted with Him, just that the Protestant tele-evangelist notion which holds that this will occur before the Parousia and for those who deny the Scriptures, which all protestants must do to continue in their man made churches.

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