Benedict XVI replies to Andrea Cionci’s request for an interview

by the Editor of Katejon, Brazil


A few hours ago we posted the happy news of Pope Benedict XVI’s response to Italian journalist and writer Andrea Cionci: Part 42 of his Investigation. Based on what the journalist called the “Ratzinger Code”, the form of encrypted communication adopted by the Pope since the banishment from the Petrine See, a new confirmation comes to us, in an authorized manner through the Prefect of the Papal Household, Msgr. Georg Gänswein, that not only has Benedict not ceased to be the only Pope of the Church, but that he is in fact in private custody, which is to say: suffering a coup d’état.

In Cionci’s words, “if Pope Benedict were really the abdicated pope, and Francis the true pontiff, in the face of the writer’s ‘heinous slanderous outrages,’ a true ex-pope, or pope emeritus, would have to: either not respond, or deny himself, or openly admonish us not to continue with our articles,” or give a merely protocol response, without any additional detail; which he did not do, on the contrary.

FromRome’s Alexis Bugnolo points out in a commentary on this news that the fact that Benedict is unable to meet the journalist in question (a request previously granted to other “Bergoglian” journalists, and continuing to receive people), even if only to say that Cionci is wrong in his Investigation, and to stop conjecturing that he is the Pope, is a major indication that he is truly in an impeded see. Also noting that the date of the reply (10/27), has correspondence with “the first day that Pope Damasus reigned as Pope after defeating his rival, Antipope Ursinus, in a 3-day battle, which he eventually won on October 26, 366 AD. The battle took place in the Basilica of Saint Mary Major, here in Rome. So, as could not be otherwise, another coded message to reassure us, as Bugnolo concludes, of his victory over the usurper.

But it is possible that there are still three other details that tell us something about this plot, because as Bugnolo points out in another article, quoting Sherlock Holmes: “I have long held the axiom that the little things are infinitely the most important.”

Thus, the first, still in relation to the date, shows us a reply given exactly 8 days after the sender’s request (10/19). In it, the mention of an impossibility. Which somehow refers to the 8 years of impossibility of “piloting” Peter’s boat through two of his four papal ministries, that of government and that of preaching; and this after another 8 years of integral pontificate.

The second, the fact that Msgr. Gänswein twice used the term “Pope emeritus”, even after the recent confirmation by the Vatican that the term has no canonical-legal support.

Thirdly, although we are not familiar with the nuances of the Italian language, the form used by the Prefect in his first mention of Benedict, “Benedict XVI, Pope emeritus,” curiously enough the title of Estefanía Acosta’s book, Benedict XVI: Pope “Emeritus”? Another lapsus linguae?

Some years ago, when he was still in full exercise of his functions, the Brazilian priest Father Marcelo Tenório (Campo Grande-MS) was with Benedict XVI in the Vatican. From Brazil, he brought with him a picture painted for the occasion. In it, Don Bosco’s dream, but with Benedict XVI as the pilot of the Captain Ship. Upon receiving the picture, the priest and some others present observed the Pope spend some moments in great introspection while contemplating the painting in front of him; until he heard from the Brazilian: “You are the Pope of Don Bosco’s dream”. Without taking his eyes off the image, he answers: “Yes, this is me.”

Not by chance, we still find today the tireless “messages in a bottle” launched from the Mediterranean to all the oceans by the captain of the weather-beaten Barque of Peter. But who will come to her rescue?