6 thoughts on “Fr. O’Connor: On the Identity and Reign of the Antichrist to come”

  1. These videos by Father O’Connor are great. This talk is from the late 80’s because he mentions Greenspan, and Eastern Europe is still under communism. He is prescient on so many things that have come to pass in the Church up to the antipope and global scamdemic. People after his warnings should have been more on guard against the sodomite infiltration into the bishoprics.

    It reminds me of what happened in the Diocese of Arlington, Virginia. We had an excellent conservative long time bishop. The director of vocations refused any seminarian who showed a homosexual inclination. Altar girls were not allowed in the diocese. The number of seminarians as a result was huge. The bishop was then murdered (it seems) in Rome as a warning to other bishops, and the new bishop began persecuting the younger conservative priests who complained about the older homosexual priests.https://www.washingtonpost.com/archive/local/1998/03/23/va-bishop-keating-dies-on-rome-trip/b54aa6ac-8009-4191-a62b-10eb83936cea/


  2. hello br May God Bless you and those you love for your courage work

    here’s another one to add to the add to my previous post’s, supporting evidence’s to previous evidences re transhumanism , mark of the beast etc

    Graphene Quantum Dots can penetrate the cell barrier and cleave DNA –


    ….”One more point I’d like to add is that from a functional point of view, the semiconducting properties of graphene quantum dots enable them to form a wireless network through which they can monitor and even more effectively neuromodulate as nanotransducers than graphene oxide sheets. People’s behavioral patterns. Images that have transcended from blood tests of vaccinated people demonstrate the presence of fractal materials of crystallized graphene, hydrogel ribbon swimmers, and graphene oxide.

    And finally, graphene quantum dots. According to all the evidence and facts noticed, it can be stated that this graphene ecosystem in the human body is designed for the reception of electromagnetic signals through graphene fractal nano-antennas and their propagation through graphene quantum dots with a double purpose. On the one hand, the possible administration of drugs and their release in biological targets. That is, in certain organs of the body. And on the other hand, the modulator purpose of neurons and other tissues of the human body that could be telecontrolled by microwaves or 5G emissions.

    Finally, hydrogel ribbon-shaped swimmers have a recognized motor function that operates as a function of electromagnetic waves, so it can be equally driven by electromagnetic fields and release its pharmacological or pharmacogenetic charge.”

  3. I think this video is from 1988, before the fall of the USSR and Iron Curtain. During the Cold War, the threat of a nuclear Apocalypse (likewise articulated by Fr. O’Connor) was foremost in the global media; who’d have thought that people would simply succumb to the syringe? Nevertheless, he predicts the reign of Pachamama and duly sounds the alarm on worship of Nature, aka “creation theology” (called out by Father as “a do-it-yourself course in getting [diabolically] possessed”). He details the agenda of the Kingdom of the AntiChrist and how its minions expect to build their empire “on the ruins of the world in which we live.”

  4. Interesting. We are spirits placed within a clock. The suggestion is to focus on the spirit. Those who focus on the clock/body, it becomes their God (themselves, aka self rightiousness). Therefore to claim any association with anything is irrelevant to him being just that.

    Now as per satans control? It is controlling the education and then implimenting satanic verse into our everyday life; terms we feel are endearing are calls to negative energy associated with focusing on the physical. Like all the symbolism within the Vatican, your own backyard.

    What I find difficult is how all interpret events and therefore the messages which follows; you view it from the persoective of looking in not from within…humans know nothing…speculators at best who by vanities request believe God needs them to tell him who he is, as if by request…

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