4 thoughts on “Pfizer DeathSerum makes 13yr old boy go insane”

  1. Satan is clever, he makes you send yourself to hell.
    I have not had as much clarity in my life before, as I have now, since the pandemic started.
    This is one big test, and you better get it right.

  2. One of the ingredients allegedly found in the death serums by medical investigators is benzodiazepine — this is an anti psychotic medication which could cause psychiatric harm in people who do not need it . More evidence of crimes against humanity.

  3. This is horrific beyond words. Why people continue to march their children towards potential death and horrific injuries is indicative of a loss of faith in God’s providence.
    If you trust in man , big pharma and the government, go ahead and take the death shot.
    If you believe in God, pray for deliverance and protection from a virus that is 99.8% survivable. Don’t give in to the fear, people. Fear only offending God.

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