Bergoglio is dying, Cardinals expect a Conclave in the New Year

This report is originally from NewsMax. But we will quote the story from a site which likes saying FromRome.Info is not reliable, and omits saying we are, or remembering we are, since we told the world months ago about this news.

But if you want to see an image excerpt of the original story, published by Bree A Dail, who works for a US Military Intelligence contractor, here at Rome, here you go:

25 thoughts on “Bergoglio is dying, Cardinals expect a Conclave in the New Year”

  1. God help us.
    If St. Galen Mafia at the helm, could be someone worse to assume the reins. Although, don’t know what ‘worse’ could possibly be.

  2. Wow! This is big news in regards to Bible prophecy.
    I suspect the next pope will be the False Pope from the Book of Revelation.

    God bless

    1. Good question, but already any mention of Bergoglio is completely missing (in the MALACHIA account). The next pope will be Petrus Roman’s but he will dress in red robe. Which means it will not be elected by the cardinals.

  3. Father Ripperger reported recently that during an exorcism with a demon called Beelzebub (devil himself) the demon was very agitated and upon questioning the demon stated that “He’s about to take my power away” (see US Grace Force with this name on youtube, Nov 17, 2021 episode). Fr. Ripperger interpreted that God is about to take away the devil’s power in the Church. Fr. Ripperger was not sure exactly when but we must remain in prayer and fasting and be in a state of grace.

    I pray for Bergoglio’s repentance and conversion and return to the One True Holy and Catholic faith before his passing. May God have mercy on his soul and our souls.

    1. The Lord Jesus is about to take away his power in the Church when the Immaculate Heart crushes his head converting Russia

  4. According to the prophecy of Saint Malachy, Francis, who is ‘Petrus Romanus’, is supposed to be the last pope. If he passes away, this is the end of the world.

      1. He may not be a pope, but he is certainly the 8th sovereign of the Vatican state. Apocalypse speaks nothing about popes, or vicars of Christ, but it does say quite a lot about kings.

    1. You are on the right track. In order to fulfill Daniel’s prophecy of 70 weeks (years), pope Francis should not reach the 9th papal anniversary. Afterwards, there will be probably a conclave, which will end with the end of the world.
      In past, some conclaves were on for years.

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