In 1995, the Face of Christ bled in Benin

This video in Italian, shows the original image painted by an artist, and what happened on two occasions when it began to bleed, and a voice from heaven was heard. Subsequently a doctor who attempted to collect the blood, had the test tube fill on its own.

Here below is an article in English about this miracle, proving the Divinity of Jesus Christ and that He is the suffering servant foretold by Isaiah.

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3 thoughts on “In 1995, the Face of Christ bled in Benin”

  1. Antichrist will be revealed soon!
    Is it a person behind BlackRock?
    It is a man sitting on trillions, according to Prince Charles. This person will transform the world with that wealth.
    Who can this be?
    Strange times we live in, but maybe not at the same time?

  2. There will be no turn around in our Laodicean Church until we see a whole lot more tears for the condition we have fallen into and especially at our Masses where it seems few partake with anywhere near a true understanding of the cost Our Lord paid for us to escape the bondage of our sin and of how little most of us have been willing to sacrifice to see the lost around us saved by the knowledge of the magnitude of His love for them.
    Thank you for this post. How easy it is to forget the Sacrifice Our Lord made that was also efficaciously shared by His holy Mother on our behalf. God help us to be truly consumed by this Sacrifice and His burden for the lost He came to save.

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