Now is the Time for Zealous Catholics to prepare for Rome

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

I have been informed by my sources since February last year, that Bergoglio was on his way out, and since June that he would leave the scene by Christmas. News reporters have reported in August that the results of his surgery were grave and that he would resign by December.  In September, that his health was in rapid decline. So certain was this news that Cardinals began giving signs that they knew a conclave was imminent. And now with the recent news that Bergoglio won’t last this month, and that a Conclave is in preparation already, it is time to urge all zealous Catholics to take decisive action to save the Church.

Catholics need to come personally to Rome and flood every possible office of the Cardinals with petitions and insistent supplications to re-elect Pope Benedict XVI.

This is absolutely necessary to save the Church, so as to prevent the continuation of the Bergoglian Schism, which would render the Vatican into the hands of the antichristic Globalists forever.

This is the best solution to resolve the error of the College of Cardinals in proceeding into a conclave in 2013, on the basis of a false misrepresentation of the significance of Benedict’s renunciation of ministry in February of that year.

And the Cardinals will see the prudence of it, because

  1. It takes away no right or privilege from them
  2. It provides a public way of repenting without saying you are sorry
  3. It removes all canonical doubts which would regard the election of every future pope by the College
  4. It is the most eloquent way of consigning the “pontificate” of Francis the Cruel and Hypocritical to the dust bins of history.
  5. It gives them the occasion to vote again in another conclave in a very short time, after Benedict XVI passes.
  6. Benedict XVI does not even have to accept his second election, because as he has said so many times publicly, he has never taken back his, “Yes”.
  7. It is a lot less messy for the career ecclesiastic, than to hold a juridical inquest or council to decide which of the two really was the true pope.
  8. It’s the only solution will guarantees in the best way, that Russia will be consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary some day soon.

I have advocated this on several occasions, but without an army of laity, filling the hotels of Rome for weeks on end, as a battering ram of lobbyists, the message will not be heard.

Every Catholic, priest, religious or laity could hypothetically ask the Lord, “What do I need to do to save  the Church in my own day?” Never has that question been easier to answer than today.

I and my helpers at FromRome.Info will cover the events, but I urge and beg you to seriously make plans to be in Rome in January, 2022.

FromRome.Info will hold regular briefings for our  army of volunteers during the entire time, so that we can act effectively. This may be the last chance we have to save the Church as we have known Her. It is up to us, now.

38 thoughts on “Now is the Time for Zealous Catholics to prepare for Rome”

  1. This “solution” proposal does not address the fact that Ratzinger would have to sanate or revoke many, many actions taken in his name over the past 8.75 yrs. His failure to meet this obligation in wake of a purported “re-election” would leave the Church in the same quagmire it finds itself at present. Just how likely would a 94.75 yr-old pontiff meet this need?

    1. Only a true pope can solve such problems. Any solution therefore requires giving him back his power.

  2. Br. Alexis, good advice, and it should be promoted and pursued, but what should happen (from a sufficient spiritual impetus among even the faithful to act) will not happen if we are to accept what is revealed. Revelation 18, which indicates the rise of the final “Beast” during a revolution that then destroys the great whore of Babylon, the world’s monetary economic and commercial system to try to replace the system with a digital system of complete control (with the Mark of the Beast) rand will reign “a short space.” This “Beast” is further described in Rev. 13 and which can only be seen as The Antichrist (I John 2:18) or as St. Paul revealed, the “Man of Sin, the Son of Perdition” who would “sit in the Temple of God” (St. Peters). Our Lord called this evil man who would occupy St. Peters (“the Holy Place”) “The Abomination of Desolation” and was the one of whom Daniel spoke (Daniel 11:36 – 12:13) who would appear at the very end of the Last Days.
    We also have St. John Bosco’s revelation that the Vicar of Christ to follow, who could only be Benedict and his martyrdom, would not be chosen by the Roman Cardinals but by bishops outside the Roman flag ship. Seems to me that Benedict’s “you are cut off” to that body of cardinals at his alleged “resignation” makes Bosco’s vision an absolute certainty and reveals the spiritual condition of Catholics as a body in not sufficient to avoid what has been predicted.

    1. The Vision of Don Bosco cannot be strictly oresumed to exclude the cardinals, no one has ever read it like that.

  3. 1/ under the present conditions, traveling to Rome would require to get the jab – or at least the PCR test – several times.

    2/ there’s a simple thing that would even make a conclave superfluous: that all the faithful bishops (there aren’t that many) pledge to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary in union with Pope Benedict as She requested in Fatima. The whole world would then see who is the real Pope when Russia converts according to Her promise.

    1. This makes the most sense to me … the logistics of traveling make it nearly impossible without becoming inoculated with the Gates-Fauci witches brew.

      1. Yes, the VaxxPassports and new boosters, plus ubiquitous masking and testing/swabbing for travelers coming or going by air or public transport (and staying at hotels) pretty much anywhere, this is THE problem.

    2. @Pere Covens YES! to both of your points.

      Flood Ganswein with Christmas cards to PPBXVI requesting that the Holy Father in union with the faithful bishops consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary exactly as she requested in 1917. The Holy Father has already had much to suffer and the people of the nations are being annihilated.

      To your observation of “there aren’t many” faithful bishops, how many would you say that there are in the world? By what means do you envision they could be notified of making the public consecration in union with Pope Benedict XVI?

      1. YES Pere Covens!!! How, when, who, what!!! Let’s get the entire Catholic world on fire for our Pope Benedict to consecrate Russia, NOW, with how ever many or few co-conscec
        rating bishops & cardinals. From Rome could be the hub of each nation’s hives of coordination to get the job done. DEAR FATIMA SEERS, HELP US. There is NOTHING IN THE WORLD SO IMPORTANT, NOW! What next step, fellow warriors for Christ?

    1. Thank you Brother. I will start writing and sharing the idea. Please keep our Holy Father Benedict XVI Consecration to Russia on your “front burner”. Its not too late. To spiritual Arms, Children of the Light!

  4. Message delivered today. I just happened to have an opportunity to speak with a Cardinal. He received it well. There’s one possible vote for Benedict XVI!

  5. Non so, la soluzione migliore sarebbe che tutti i cardinali nominati da Bergoglio riconoscessero la loro invalidità si rimettessero alla clemenza di Benedetto XVI, poi tutto andrà per le vie giuste.

    1. non propongo santità per tutti ma molti forse l’acceterebbe….mi chiedo solo perché abbiamo spettato per adesso per pensare di questo

      1. can we set up a spot at From Rome where we can keep track of who is spoken to re: Consecration, and updated info, a means to start a momentous movement, quickly!

      2. If we expose to public sight their names, the spies of the CIA MI6 and CCP will bribe threaten or bump them off one by one.

  6. Veri Catholici posted this once, on how to write to Pope Benedict. I wonder if it’s still the best way to reach him.

    “Write to
    Archbishop Georg Ganswein
    00120 Vatican City

    Put that on the outside of your envelope, but inside address your letter to Pope Benedict XVI directly. If you do it any other way, it will arrive in the hands of Parolin, the Secretary of State.”

    1. Alas, put that way it many also never arrive in his hands since Ganswein is the St Gallen Mafia agent at his side.

      1. I remember that, but I thought he might now be more sympathetic since he revealed (subtly, but clearly nonetheless, as you reported earlier) that Pope Benedict is indeed imprisoned.

        Anyway, what’s the best way, then, to try to write to the Pope?

      2. Dear Bro Alexis – in reply to your observation of my comment, you correctly, i think,, posit that if names of those bishops who would consecrate Russia with Pope Benedict were made public, then Satan and his globalist minions would do away with them. However, the Consecration needs doing, NOW, to the Glory of God. If fear of being bumped off continues, persons of faith are not getting it. We’re already marked for death. But Our Lady of Fatima will protect all, lay and religious alike, who seek her Consecration. And, in due time, everyone of us has an appointment with our Maker, anyway. So, human strategizing can only go so far. Its time to punch the bully, not run. It is Christ’s will for Consecration, not the worthless demon’s will to stop it, which should have us at a dead run alongside the Holy Trinity and the Heavenly Hosts, against these worthless demonic zeroes. As layfaithful, we must do all to protect our bishops who are faithful to Pope Benedict, but having done all, STAND AND FIGHT, OPENLY, FEARLESSLY, under the Banner of Christ the King and His Mother. We’re long past any other way. Let God be God.

      3. I think you do not yet realize how evil the Globalists are and how much, beings Satanists they fear the Mother of God or the consecration of Russia.

  7. For those of us who are without the means to prepare for Rome, may I suggest writing letters to those Cardinals most sympathetic to Papa Ratzinger? The conversation I had with one such Cardinal yesterday indicates to me that the time is ripe to encourage them in this great endeavor! When I said to him that I hope Benedict will be restored to the papacy, his eyes lit up and he immediately agreed.

    Thank you, Brother Bugnolo for putting this idea out, and I am thankful to Our Lady of Guadalupe that it was brought to my attention just prior to my meeting with the Cardinal. She even removed an obstacle — at least I perceived it as an obstacle in my weakness — moments before my opportunity came. So, take heart, soldiers of Christ! If I can do this small deed, anyone can do much greater deeds. The victory belongs to the Immaculata!

    1. Pope Benedict XVI
      Mater Ecclesae Monastery
      Vatican City


  8. Brother Bugnolo, other than Ms. Anne Barnhardt, most of us out here in the laity who have read your very astute canonical arguments as to Benedict’s invalid resignation, no one has yet refuted you. That said, the next conclave will never be valid. Benedict is the pope, and nothing that anyone can say or do will change that. Bishop Gracida and Archbishop Lenga seem like the only prelates who have come out for Benedict – Father Dom being the only priest in the whole world to declare the same. Regardless of how all of this unfolds, God’s victory is all that matters! I pray for Benedict every Sunday. I have friends who know that Benedict is the pope and is currently in an impeded See. What more can any of us do?

    1. The next conclave is of 3 types, depending upon uts conditions, one if which is valid, ine if which has a legitimate outcome but which is not valid, and one which is invalid. So don’t presume despair.

    2. correction: I don’t know if Bishop Schneider would consecrate; I think Bishop Gracida would. I had the privilege to coordinate several prayer vigils with pro-life faithful and Bishop Gracida. A priest and a
      a man, defender of the helpless.

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