Our Lady of Guadalupe come to the Battle!

For more information about the miraculously produced image of the MOTHER of Jesus Christ, the true Messiah of Israel, see:

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7 thoughts on “Our Lady of Guadalupe come to the Battle!”

  1. Celebrating my one year anniversary of my consecration to Jesus through Mary today! What a wonderful heavenly Mother we have! Hail Mary full of Grace! Come and crush the head of satan!

  2. Thank you Blessed Mother … I love you! Thank you for opening my heart up to your son. His words comfort me and help me live a better life. I give my life to you now… my humble request.. please ask god to have this pity on this world and stop these crimes against humanity. Thank you

  3. Dear Frà Bugnolo,

    Thank you for this publication. Long before I had heard about the Lady of Guadalupe and Juan Diego, but without all the information seen today.

  4. Christopher Columbus, Franciscan ,was devoted to Our Lady of Guadalupe, which was a shrine in Spain before 1500s apparition in Mexico. And I’m devoted to Christopher Columbus bc I believe hes a Saint.

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