Bergoglio has erected a Pagan scene at Vatican in place of the Christmas Creche

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The scene depicted is one from the mythology of the ancient Peruvian Inca’s who worshiped a pantheon of demons, among whom was Pachamama. There is only one village left in all of Peru which practices this cult, and Bergoglio has chosen to erect a 3 dimensional scene of these gods expecting the sacrifice of lamma pre-borns, instead of the Crib of Christ this year, as his sign of definitive rejection of Christianity.

Vatican Muzzles Pope Benedict XVI in response to news of Bergoglio’s Demise

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The vicious hand behind the narrative control at the Vatican, in regard to Pope Benedict XVI, was evident again, 14 hours ago, when the Vatican released photos of the Holy Father receiving the portuguese language version of his official biography by Peter Seewald, Benedict XI. Ein Leben.

The photo, shown here:

shows the Holy Father wearing a medical mask, and his pectoral cross hidden behind the book. Unlike his recent photos during a visit by a Bishop from Germany, these show his hair well groomed and his posture and position, healthy and upright, unlike those recent ones.

Images speak a thousand words, so it is clear that Bergogllio has reacted at rage that news of his immanent death is approaching, by ordered the true pope, Benedict XVI gagged in full public view.