Bergoglio has erected a Pagan scene at Vatican in place of the Christmas Creche

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The scene depicted is one from the mythology of the ancient Peruvian Inca’s who worshiped a pantheon of demons, among whom was Pachamama. There is only one village left in all of Peru which practices this cult, and Bergoglio has chosen to erect a 3 dimensional scene of these gods expecting the sacrifice of lamma pre-borns, instead of the Crib of Christ this year, as his sign of definitive rejection of Christianity.

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19 thoughts on “Bergoglio has erected a Pagan scene at Vatican in place of the Christmas Creche”

    1. . . . and what of the multitudes of bishops, priests and laity who participate in desecrated masses said in union with this antiChrist, who have either actually embraced Bergoglio’s new “christ” or those who out of some other meaningless self interest put up with all this apostasy??

  1. The region now miniaturized in front of St. Peter’s (“the rock”) is Huancavelica, meaning “sacred stone,” identified by archeological evidence with aboriginal idolatry of red Cinnabar (as were gold and silver ore, gifts of “Mother Earth”). After Spain conquered MesoAmerica and Incan South America, native converts to Catholicism still associated Mary with “Mother Earth, “ aka “Mother Nature,” aka Pachamama.

    Now featured at the hallowed Piazza di San Pietro is a fantastical pueblo fiesta diorama with motley polychrome mannequins and an autochthonous zoo parade, celebrating the bicentennial of the Republic of Peru and, only tangentially within that context, the bimillennial birth of Christ. The official emcees at the premiere of said exhibition and Tree Lighting included the Peruvian Minister of Foreign Affairs, the president of Peru’s Tourism Promotion Board, and Governor of Huancavelica himself.

    In the Vatican Village, the vaxxed and masked can see displayed a Jesus papoose and Andean native Mary in braids and beads, her mantilla garnished with red-striped Peruvian flags and Inca solar disks of the god Inti (said to be born of the ineluctable Pachamama). A “Joseph” effigy stands by, a swashbuckling clone of Captain Morgan. As for choirs of angels heralding the newborn Savior, shepherds with their lambs, kings of the Orient with their camels and gifts, all has been transmogrified into a carnival Krewe of toy birds, beasts, and “Chiquita Banana” dummies in tutti-fruiti hats. Instead of gold, frankincense, and myrrh, the passistas’ bags and belts are stuffed with potatoes, peppers, yacón, maca, quinoa, etc.

    On opening night, a jumbotron showed “Sound of Music” inspired videos of costumed Andean children singing in Quechua and dancing like dolls on the mountains and in the churches alike. Quechua is not just an indigenous language, it is also a religion combining Catholic elements with pre-Columbian animism and pantheism. Pachamama (to whom the Inca sacrificed llamas, guinea pigs, and children) was believed mother of four Quechua deities: Water, Earth, Sun, and Moon. Witchcraft is still practiced in villages throughout Peru.

    Fast forward to the late 19th century when Prime Minister Francisco Mariátegui, as Grand Master of Peruvian Masonry, permitted dissemination of literature contrary to the Catholic faith. By the 1970’s, Lima’s own Gustavo Gutiérrez’ with supporters like Brazilian Leo Boff had initiated the “Liberation Theology” movement so dear to Jesuits and Christians wanting a radical transformation of Latin American society. By the late 1980s, political instability led to revolution with Maoist guerillas and extremist members of the Peruvian military executing tens of thousands of Church leaders and Christians. Under Marxist leadership today, less than 20% of Peruvians are practicing Catholics.

  2. This is a very sad revelation of the state of the hierarchy in the Catholic Church, many prayers are needed for those who perpetrate this evil, may Our Lord have mercy on their souls.

  3. Wow, A tourist advert for Peru this year? Evey year they seem to go out of their way to depict anything OTHER than the actual Birth of Our Lord.

    1. Someone, in jest and perhaps indeed a tourist, wanted to know if or when “Earth Mother” herself would show up at the Vatican carnival creche. To me, it seems like the whole thing (fauna, flora, foodstuffs, flutes, fiesta figurines, etc.) is a paean of elation and praise to Pachamama, ancient goddess of the Andes, and of Inca Peru in particular. Although her particular statue is nowhere to be found on the set, she, like Bergoglio (paradoxically MIA from both interior and exterior opening ceremonies), is its “raison d’etre.”

  4. My response to One Peter Five’s latest e-mail appeal for funds:
    One Peter Five
    PO Box 5284
    Manchester NH 03108
    December 13, 2021

    Dear Mr. Flanders,
    We just received you e-mail appeal for donations in which you attempted ingratiate yourself to faithful Catholics by your fight for and defense of the Latin Mass.
    But your hypocrisy shines through as a blinding light to any true Catholic. If you really believe the Latin Mass is the salvation of the Church while at the same time you promote the Apostate anti-Christ “Francis” as our true pope, leaving Benedict, who DID NOT resign the Office of Peter, you are a hypocritical and deceitful leach off the faithful.
    In case you have not the mental capacity to discern it let me remind you that the promotion of this criminal “Francis” who is an apostate destroyer of the Church and its faith makes Christ Himself a deceiver and a fraud who promised in perpetuity a Peter (as faulty as he might be but could never purposefully promote the destruction of the Church) to His Church. You are thus an active part of this destruction by refusing to denounce “Francis’” for what he is and you are in schism with Christ’s true Church!
    David J. Webster,
    a former Baptist minister and convert to Catholicism who now is forced to admit that many Baptists are far more Catholic (one the most vital elements of the Christian faith) than most Catholics today (who are either apostates or who support them even as head of their Church, including you at One Peter five.

    1. I just sent my monthly donation…I did not know about this. I now attend the TLM and refuse to go to a novus ordo mass.

  5. I wondered why the llamas were decorated in red. I found this article from the Smithsonian Magazine below, explaining that sacrificed llamas were decorated in red and were a gift to the Inca demon “gods.”

    I think it’s clear that Rome has become the seat of the anti-christ.

    The “one world religion” is nothing other than the ancient pagan religion of human sacrifice to demons.

    1. Yes, the more the research the more relatable the horror.
      From The Smithsonian: “Inca people adorned the llamas with valuable materials before burying them alive alongside similarly decorated guinea pigs… The offerings likely were part of much larger feasts and gatherings, sponsored by the state,” says lead author Lidio Valdez, an archaeologist at the University of Calgary, in a statement. “The state befriended the local people with food and drink, cementing political alliances, whilst placing offerings, allowed the Inca to claim the land as theirs.”

  6. Seriously why are not Catholics demanding it be taken down, what is wrong with people… it is so sacrilegious , totally abhorrent…This is why Our Lord has pulled the pin on this world…nations will be annihilated said Our Lady…..that’s the death vaxx and deservedly so…

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