Dr. Massimo Citro: The Narrative is manipulated to push the DeathVaxx

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4 thoughts on “Dr. Massimo Citro: The Narrative is manipulated to push the DeathVaxx”

  1. The world is being prepared for the mark of the beat. Earlier it wasn’t so clear why the world will kill all those who won’t get it. You can see how people are happy to persecute the unvaccinated. All the propagandists have to do is say some nonsense about how a covid fighting microchip is the only solution to the endless pandemic and the people will happily kill those they perceive as the ones who keep the pandemic going.

  2. Then we have to kill all those dangerous idiots and prevent the world from turning into a template of evil with drones and evil controlling everything.

  3. Br. Bugnolo, or anyone: What is the name of the drug that the committe found, that Dr. Massimo Citro names in the video? I cant make it out, in his italian accent, or the translators accent.
    Sounds like “La Chino Serina”, but… what is he saying?

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