4 thoughts on “NIGERIA’s most horrific Death Cult, spreads to Europe”

  1. But BBC of course would absolutely make no mention or even give one hint that this is likely only another planned chaos event directed and funded by the Western criminal Globalists who for decades have done the same all over Africa and the mid-East and even South America. Just blame national politicians to justify their coming takeover of all nations through a false hope they will offer in their new “Savior” the Anti-Christ.

    1. Time to put the Leaders of all the Globalist manure on trial; stream it live for the whole world. Do as outlined according to Nuremberg 2.0.
      Get the evil OUT IN THE OPEN and let the cards fall where they may. The people can judge this NWO/CCP/Big Pharma/Corporatist Nazi Communist Cabal crap and the world can begin again
      In the end analysis, humankind is not qualified to govern anything or anybody. Only God has the capacity to govern and that means we all wait for Jesus to come again.

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