AUSTRALIA: Senator critical of Dictatorship forced into detention & fined

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3 thoughts on “AUSTRALIA: Senator critical of Dictatorship forced into detention & fined”

  1. Twice arrested and Baker Acted for no mask/Vaccine in Florida, United States.

    COVID:Certification Of Vaccination Identification

    1. Florida, I thought DeSantis against all Covid scamdemic tyranny?
      “Baker Acted” – I’m from UK, what does this mean please?

  2. All the senator says its “it’s insanity”. It is not that it is criminal, violates all his Human and Civil rights and he should be calling for the Convid Tyrants in Canberra to be arreasted and prosecuted for crimes against humanity ie criminalising HEALTHY people on spurious virus pandemic blatant LIES and falsehoods. This fake pandemic was never about the disease, but all about control and to unlawfully world population with experimental bio-engineered in a Wuhan lab mRNA untested and unproven poisonous injections whose manufacturers have been given total immunity from liability for serious injuries or death as a consequence of taking this poisnous vaccine. Fact and truth. The Senator should file lawsuit against Oz Govt.

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