4 thoughts on “USA: Kentucky epicenter of historic Tornado devastation”

  1. They’re going to use this disaster to capitalize on and push the climate change narrative further aren’t they…

  2. Living here in Rome but being from Kentucky, I was, of course, very saddened to see this. Luckily, none of my relatives were near the path of the tornado. Actually, I was right in the middle of the last big tornado in 1974 (not kidding) which, if I’m correct, was the biggest in Kentucky history, what was called a super-cell and totally flattened the town of Xenia, Ohio also destroying parts of Louisville and elsewhere.
    The first thing I read besides news of this actual tornado was a Twitter post saying this was retribution or payback for Kentucky Senator Rand Paul not being in step with the Global Warming party line (can’t make that up), something that was not said in 1974. If you go back to historical records of storms, temperatures etc. you’ll find that they’ve been fairly consistent over last 100 or so years.
    One other thing I read was, “why is there no rioting or looting happening in Kentucky at the moment?” I think the answer to that has to do with 3 things the media has trouble coming to grips with: (1) character, how people are raised to respect and help their neighbors in times of need (2) class, I shouldn’t have to explain this (3) morals, and if I have to explains this you don’t have any.
    Never least a tragedy go to waste to support your agenda appears to be the motto of the media and those that control it.

    1. Globalists blaspheme when they blame such things on the lack of obedience to their ideology. We need to call them out on it.

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