VIETNAM: 120 hospitalized, 3 dead following DeathSerum rollout for teenagers

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3 thoughts on “VIETNAM: 120 hospitalized, 3 dead following DeathSerum rollout for teenagers”

  1. It appears the “vaccine” varies in its level of poison. As nurses have been reporting in numerous countries – there are different numbers according to who is the recipient. Some vials are reported to have an inert serum. Remember when there was a truck crash – carrying a load of one of the main brands of serum. Immediately the site was cordoned off with high security and helicopters to clear the site completely. Nothing to hide?

  2. “Luong Ngoc Truong, director of the CDC, said although the province stopped using the current vaccine batch, “We still have other batches, also Pfizer vaccines, so we will continue vaccinating the children.”

    The suspended batch was put into storage and could be used later for other groups like adults, Truong added.”

    I do not quite understand what the CDC is doing in Vietnam but the aforementioned is, of course, the key. More children to sacrifice to the global government. What a plan!

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