6 thoughts on “Do you have Trauma Bond with the State controlled TV?”

  1. I do not understand the term “Trauma Bond…”?
    All I know is the world has been attacked by evil diabolical Globalist gangstas and there is NOT a single good principled righteous upstand leader to fight against these Covid tyrants and despots. Those that are, are ruthlessly suppress and persecuted. We are in bio-weapon David and Goliath WW3 and right now, sadly, David appears to be losing.

    1. Watch the video, where it is explained in the beginning that violent abused launched in lies can be used to create a dependency of the victim on the victimizer such that the person, without realizing it, by accepting the lies, is already imprisoned psychologically and thus incapable of seeing a way out of the abuse and manipulation.

      1. In other words, the Kingdom of the AntiChrist is spreading all over the place. Cullen’s “business model” analogy is brilliant: “We are not machines (computers) having to have “anti-viral software” installed in us.” Also brilliant is his other analogy, that of Big Pharma’s turning us into drug addicts “having to have a fix” on a regular basis in order to keep on “living.”

        In order not to fall into the traps, it should help a great deal to think about Imperial Rome, its unrelenting hatred and diabolical persecution of “People of the Book” who refused to worship the rulers and State gods. Abused, targeted, imprisoned, or perishing In colosseums and arenas around the known world for hundreds of years, Christians were vilified as criminals and derided as “victims” by crazed audiences drunk on power. What people of Faith now (as then) should see is their free choice of heroic virtue, their trust and love for almighty God, no matter what. We must keep in mind (as did the early martyrs) the thief on the cross next to Our Lord (Luke 23): Then he said, “Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom.” Jesus replied, “Truly I tell you, today you will be with me in Paradise.”

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