3 thoughts on “Dr. Christina Rahm: On the pending ethical disaster in Modern high-tech Industries”

  1. intra-body nano-network – ORWELL CITY

    Technological parasitism: Electromagnetic-based wireless nano-sensor network – ORWELL CITY

    Technological parasitism: Electromagnetic-based wireless nano-sensor network

    Dear Br

    mRNA side effects are one element E.G MURDER/DEPOPULATION – but as serious as this is , there exists underneath or behind the smokescreen the introduction of a wireless nano-sensor network into the body of the ‘vaccinated’ . one can see the identification of the elements that have , up to now, remained unidentified via inspection of some vials by various entities

    graphene oxide is in the ‘shots’, this is proven via La Quinta Columna and others, so now is the identification of these elemental wireless technological parasitic components in the vials., this is evident, please see the links above.

    one need only contemplate with horror the psycho-physiological capabilities inherent [e.g. EMF manipulative capability] in this situation and too, framed overarchingly , correlating to revelation , Specific to the ‘mark of the beast’. and the salvific consequences thereof.

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  2. We should not forget to mention and remind people, that all previous conventional vaccines, are unfortunately being updated to mRNA vaccines. This means even more kids and adults will get permanently injured, and die, from these once conventional vaccines that were safer..

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