Italian Himmler of DeathSerums inaugurates sacrifice of 5-11 year olds

Summmary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Today goes into vigor the latest unconstitutional and totally immoral Diktat of the Goldman Sachs Dictatorship in Italy, headed by Mario Draghi, member of the Lodge of the Illuminati.

His DeathSerum leader officer is General Figliuolo, who is notorious for launching terroristic mad raving discourses in favor of the DeathSerum as if he were some sort of Vampire looking for more blood and death as his morning turn-on.

His latest discourse is that DeathSerum supplies are of sufficient level to sustain DeathVaxxing door by door, which is a rhetorical flourish, at present, since Italy has no such forced program.

But Italy now has the obligation to DeathVaxx all military forces and police and to allow parents to bring in their children, ages 5-11 years, to receive the DeathSerum which will forever destroy their DNA, gravely if not permanently sterilize them, or make them incapable of having human children, in addition to the very high risks of sudden death anytime in the first 3 months after forcible injection.

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