USA: Hospitals collapsing under DeathVaxx Obligation for workers
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4 thoughts on “USA: Hospitals collapsing under DeathVaxx Obligation for workers”

  1. In this video at 3 minutes 11 seconds, the so called randomly chosen woman who spoke to the camera that health care workers should be VaXed is anything but randomly chosen to speak to the TV ”so called news” watchers. Besides the fact that this woman’s OPINION is a completely emotional response, there is no doubt that other emotional responses exist that support the choice to not get the death VaX, but they were purposely not chosen by the biased news report for obvious reasons.

    If this is not blatantly obvious to any person, then any person manipulated by this fraudulent tactic has lost all sense of discernment; and herein is the problem with the multitudes of NO and LOW informational people in this world who are those members of the delusional masses of the world’s brainwashed

    GOD help us all in this age of lies and deceptions.

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