Archbishop Müller – Spricht über Impfzwang, die Sakramente und den Great Reset

If any native speaker of German can summarize the discourse of the Cardinal, please do so in a comment.

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  1. First question is about churches being closed and sacraments denied because of the corona crisis. Says that is disobeying the mandate given by Christ. Good priests have not followed and kept giving the sacraments to the faithful.

    Second, the separation between the vaxxed and the non vaxxed. This is when he speaks of the Great Reset (Schwab and Gates want to preside a new creation in their own image instead of God’s)

    Austria : the obligation to be vaxxed. Freedom belongs to the nature of men, and when politicians have no idea about a virus, they shouldn’t impose their opinion on people. That’s totalitarianism. It’s a crisis not of health but of democracy.

    One bishop saying that people have to be vaxxed, while the congregation of faith said not, gives his own opinion. Everyone should follow one’s own conscience,

    The new German chancellor says he is Catholic but nonetheless wants to impose the vaxx. Mueller doesn’t know him personally but appreciates him coming out for his Catholic faith. But if he is Catholic, he should act as a Catholic and respect people.

    Is it allowed for Catholics in Austria to go on strike against the decision of the government. Each citizen has the right to go on strike against non democratic decisions of the government.

    We are in the Advent. What does the Cardinal propose in preparation for Christmas. Christ is the Way, the Truth and the Life. He is the Light of the world. Let us follow Him.

    1. Thank you for the summary in English. It helps me when speaking with a priest friend in my area who really, really admires and tragically bases his own decisions on Cdl Mueller’s words.

  2. Anticardinal Müeller.
    + Gerhard Ludwig Müeller was created “cardinal” by antipope Francis: pending pope Benedict XVI explicit approval, + Müller is not yet a cardinal. He is a (schismatic) archibishop dressed in red.

    1. Pope Benedict was present at the time of Cardinal Müller’s appointment as a cardinal in the consistory. Thus, the appointment is valid.

  3. I have tried to translate the interview as literally as possible. But I can not guarantee an error-free translation. I have translated only half of the interview, because it is very time consuming.

    The St.Boniface Institute in Austria, founded by Alexander Tschugguel, had the honor to interview His Eminence Cardinal Müller.

    Question 1:
    Your Excellency, you have just been to the USA! What was your impression there?

    Of course, I did not see all of them, but I saw many who are firmly anchored in the Catholic faith, especially young people at the universities, who are very committed and do not only participate outwardly, but are anchored in the faith in God, in Jesus Christ, who came close to us in the Incarnation, and who also gives us orientation on our way, truth and life. That is Jesus’ own statement. This is the statement of Jesus Christ himself, and in this sense I am actually very pleased and also strengthened in my faith again. Not everywhere everything is as sad as it is sometimes the case here in Europe.

    Question 2:
    Unfortunately, it has happened that bishops and priests have closed their churches and denied sacraments to believers in the pandemic. What is your position on this?

    Christ gave the apostles the mission to proclaim the Gospel and to communicate the grace of God in the seven sacraments. This is the essential mission of the Church. Certainly, in the event of a catastrophe, we must also adapt to the circumstances and avoid dangers to public life and health, we always do. But to deny access to the sacraments on principle is, of course, a direct contravention of Christ. I often have the impression that if, in relation to its most important representatives, the Church is seen only as a human organization that spreads human comfort, that passes on only human help, then ultimately there is a lack of faith in Jesus Christ, the Word made flesh, the Son of God who came into this world, the universal Redeemer of all people. The Church is the sacrament of the salvation of the world in Jesus Christ, and that is why even in emergency situations in earlier times, the plague, the good priests never refused to expose themselves to danger, because they said: “Eternal life is even more important than temporal life”. We can prolong it in a certain way, perhaps, by preventing diseases, but we can never cancel the mortality of man. To this, Christ has given us the answer, who is the victor over sin and death. Therefore, bishops act, one could say, against the Holy Spirit, against better knowledge, against conscience, against their mission, when they keep people away from the sacraments on principle. There is also the Sunday commandment: “Remember to keep holy the Sabbath” and “Do this in remembrance of me”, which we then celebrate on Sunday: the sanctification of Sunday through the Eucharist. This is also the direct command of Christ, the head of the Church, and therefore a bishop can never dispense with the Sunday command, but only say in general, if the external circumstances are so serious that one cannot participate, one is released from participation, but one is also obliged to make up for the Sunday service at the next opportunity. This applies to all healthy people. If one is ill, one can of course stay at home, and it is then also reasonable to participate virtually in the Eucharistic celebration via an Internet conference, or via the media. But this is not an efficacy of grace and mediation of grace ex operator through the performed service, but only in the sense of the help of personal faith, of helping grace. This should actually know a bishop or a priest who has not slept in the theology study or has criminally forgotten it again.

    Question 3:
    There is a visible division between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated, who are increasingly being made scapegoats. What can they say about this?

    It is fundamentally bad when society is divided, ideologically divided, so in the sense of class warfare rhetoric: the class enemy or the dissenter must be destroyed or completely put out of action.
    It is precisely in crisis situations that it is a matter of standing together, including now in this situation. We should also listen to the experts so that we take the right measures to reduce dangers to life and limb, but I believe that at the moment no one, not even a politician, has the right recipe, so to speak, with which to overcome Corona as a disease. We have a certain chaos, a confusion of measures, on the one hand born out of the lack of knowledge about the effectiveness and the dangerousness of this virus, but on the other hand also born out of the will to use the opportunity now to bring people into line, to subject them to total control, to establish a surveillance state, as the representatives of the “Great Reset” themselves have said, Klaus Schwab: “Corona is an chance”. Many people die, are sick, are severely limited in their lives. The economy is severely damaged, children cannot go to school, which will cause dramatic long-term damage to their psyche and to their spirit. And then there are people who sit on the throne of their wealth, untouched by all of these day-to-day difficulties, who then briefly proclaim that this is a chance to now push their agenda. This is an agenda based on an imposture, namely the opinion that we can now bring forth a new creation with the help of modern technology or communications, create a new human being, but precisely in their image and likeness. I don’t really want to be created and redeemed in the image and likeness of Klaus Schwab or Bill Gates or Soros or all these people who have accumulated a lot of money but call on others to save, to live modestly, who whiz off to Glasgow in private jets and then now impose the great austerity measures and restrictions on the rest of humanity (the masses, as they like to express). That has actually also politically seen with a democracy nothing more to do, where each humans should be evenly also equally entitled. And that is yes the old scheme that one divides the people in a small elite, self-proclaimed elite of the possessing, the commanding, the ruling, the privileged and the big mass, which has to obey simply and which is punished hard with every own movement of an own thinking and is threatened with completely disproportionate fines and even prison sentences.

    Question 4:
    The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith has clearly stated that there must be no compulsory vaccination. Such compulsory vaccination is now to be introduced in Austria. What is your opinion on this?

    Perhaps in an extreme emergency, if the whole consequences are also manageable, ethically speaking, the authority, that is the state, can perhaps also introduce mandatory vaccination. We have also done that, smallpox vaccination and so on, where it was also clear that there can be no unmanageable side effects and after-effects. But we are not in such a situation; everything is unclear. The politicians themselves, who have created a tremendous chaos both in terms of information and in terms of their actions. Promises they have made have not been fulfilled. They excuse themselves by saying that it could not have been foreseen at the time, but if you cannot foresee something, you should not make firm promises, but instead you should say that we are still somewhat in the dark, we are doing what we can justify at the moment.
    We cannot simply go so far as to make the whole of society its subjects. The rights of freedom and human rights are defensive rights against the state, and it is therefore highly problematic that those against whom the defensive rights have been formulated, which are part of human nature, that these powerful people themselves determine when and how and to what extent fundamental rights are restricted or even abolished. Unfortunately, we can no longer rely on our courts and constitutional courts, because the judges are appointed by these same politicians and are thus dependent on them, because, as much as we support the tripartition of the political powers, we unfortunately have to realize that in practice it is very difficult. The courts must be truly independent, they must judge according to the law and justice and not according to social trends according to the social opinions they want to enforce. This is why the feminist ideology, the ideology of emancipation, the LGPT ideology, the agenda of the Great Reset is so dominant in the universities, even in the law faculties, and people are put under so much pressure, free thinking is hindered and punished by the “Pensiero Unico”, by the uniform thinking, political correctness, cancel culture and how all these practically neo-fascist measures, neo-communist measures of the totalitarian circles are called. Unfortunately, this way of thinking is just at home in the universities, in the public institutions, in the mass media, in the press, and it is actually hardly possible for a journalist to report freely now, but he is dismissed if he does not fit in with the expectations or he is then put under such pressure by his colleagues that he voluntarily withdraws.
    That is why this crisis is not only a health crisis, but also a crisis of democracy, freedom and thought. It can hardly be expected that people of this caliber on the Forbes list of the richest men in the world can be the saviors of the world, so to speak, and take over the function of philosophy or theology, or that they can present an image of man as the only dominant one that is geared only to consumption and profit and no longer has anything to do with the dignity of man, who is created by God for freedom and reason.

    Translated with deepl!

    1. Thank you 🙂
      So, again, no mention of Bergoglio and his leading role in Scandemic propaganda, in endorsing Vaxx-the-Saviour, etc among (nominally) Catholics

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