Is this the Globalist dream for your new face?

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The Freemasons let you know beforehand what they are up to, so that they can justify their own perverse consciences by claiming the people have consented.

The do this even in the publicity they employ for commercial products.

Take for example the cellphone: that instrument which promises you so much, but takes so much of your liberty, humanity and privacy.

Cellphones have had ominous names, if you step back and consider it.  There is the I-phone, which is telling you what your future identity is to be.  Then there is Android, the operating system on many cellphones: ask yourself why it is called a Robot.

Psychological analysis has shown that the more we interact with a given device for our information and communication they more we begin to subsconciously identify with it as an extension of ourselves.

How many of us feel incomplete if we have not our cellphone with us, are not in a house with internet connectivity or have not access to TV?

Samsung is one of the largest manufacturers of cellphones. Their publicity campaign for their phone is amazing. I took this photo at Rome the other day, so it is current advertisement.

The advertisement clearly shows the face of the user. But it’s not a human face. It is a genetically modified work, with green skin, so he can take sustenance from the sun, with a face covered by layers of semi transparent masks. From the lower jaw grows a kind of moss.

Are the Globalists telegraphing what you will become if you continue to take their DeathSerums?

It seems so.

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4 thoughts on “Is this the Globalist dream for your new face?”

  1. The effects of cell phone use by religious believer s should be studied. The misuse of cell phones is probably sinful and interferes with our communion with nature and its Creator . But the useful idiot’s of modern technology live in TV, phones and computerworlds to excess. Sounds like good material for a book.

    1. Well, how many people have we seen at Mass operating their devices. I’m not talking about them ringing, which is enough disturbance, but one for which their carriers are not completely responsible since many callers can’t know the carrier is in church at the time; no, I’m talking about churchgoers deliberately pulling out their devices and using them whilst the Sacrifice is ongoing. Really…

  2. I absolutely 💯 believe so, like you say the Globalist tell us , it’s right in our faces .
    It’s al tied into the 5G that has got nothing to do with faster internet connection at all but it is in fact a Mlitary weapon . In Australia while in Lockdown 5G towers were being put up everywhere especially in our Major cities. Now that most people have been forced to have 2 death jabs l believe the Nanoparticle’s in the Jab and 5G will be the beginning of the Zombie apocalypse…..hence the picture on the phone you are talking about.

  3. I would suggest its more like a lizard face, perhaps the queen or the …., we do not turn into them; 5g combined with the metal in the vaccines will create zombies but then again, so will destroying the supply lines and cutting people off their meds, shut off water and power…if you want to do it, it should take about six months. Then the war to end all wars. There will be no one here to fight a fourth. If not too late, take control of the elections.

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