4 thoughts on “UK: Sanitary dictatorship for thee, not for me…”

  1. dear br

    i have contacted you recently numerous times recently re. the intra body wireless nano network and technological parasitism via la quinta columna scientific methological research e.g via electron microscopy etc

    this is the LATEST KNOWLEDGE/RESEARCH re; the nano wireless network in situ in the vaccinated via MAC Address. and its possible-probable identification with the mark of the beast [SYSTEM] in Revelation

    people are waiting for an elemental micro-chip and indeed this may come IN THE PROCESS but one wonders why , when this wireless system can neuro-modulate e.g. MIND CONTROL and the excitation of graphene oxide to cause physiological problems. e.g thrombosis disorders; stroke heart attack etc

    the beast being satan and its physical, tangible, technological enabling FACILITY for control via neuro-modulation modes e.g. A.I. supercomputer?

    please read the research, for i contact you because you have the media platform to give this vital information to your readers.

    the stew peters info is almost retrograde , cyclical and evidentally co oberative but you are missing the vital information regarding the self assembly of this transhuman, human 2.0 network in the body and its NOW elemental identification.

    please read the latest research, watch the video’s, please inform/publish to your readers so they may too watch and discern.

    is it cognitive dissonance? why you have’nt published the information, that we all suffer with when contemplating the extraordinary.?

    a most humble and sincere thanks for your work




    1. All this I have already reported on via the videos and articles of others. Hugo, by saying he does not understand what they are talking about, makes a video. So, ok. But his presentation does not convince me to give it prime billing at From Rome.

  2. Recently, on 7/12/’21, the oldest daughter of Willem-Alexander and Maximà von Lippe Biesterfeld, Amalia, turned 18.
    A party took place with well over 100 guests, which is fine.
    But since the wef-police broke up other parties with lower numbers than Amalia’s party, it is a little strange that they did not do it there, in The Hague……………

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