Benedetto XVI non ha mai rinunciato al Papato

Summary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

This short video summarizes the recent report by Andrea Cionci regarding the strange declarations of Pope Benedict XVI at Castle Gandolfo at about 5:30 PM, on Feb. 28, 2013.

In Italy, this video is causing a shockwave, since the channel which produced it has never before sustained the position that Benedict XVI is the true Pope, or that Bergoglio is a usurper. And with nearly 14 thousand views on YouTube in less than 12 hours, that shockwave is no small thing.

The sum of which is, that he said, “I am no longer the pontiff supreme, … correction, I still am, but after 8 P.M. I will no longer be…”

The subtlety which is exists in Italian of placing the adjective after the noun was a clear sign in that language that there was a Vatican Putsch in process and a warning to the world.

The Vatican conspirators, who controlled the Press Office, to cover the signal, published translations which reverse the phrase, to read, “the Supreme Pontiff”.

FromRome.Info has previously covered this event in three articles:

  1. Pope Benedict XVI, Time Lord
  2. The “renunciation” which never happened
  3. And in our Live broadcast from Castle Gandolfo, for the 8th Anniversary of Benedict XVI’s declaration, a broadcast which sparked an immmense battle in the Italian press which is still on going, and led by Andrea Cionci against all the liars supporting the Vatican supported fake narrative
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6 thoughts on “Benedetto XVI non ha mai rinunciato al Papato”

  1. Br. Alexis, for those of us who aren’t versed in the subtleties of Italian, would you explain further the difference in meaning between “pontiff supreme” and “supreme pontiff?

    1. Supreme Pontiff is a traditional, non canonical title. It refers to the Pope, properly, or to the Archbishop or Bishop of a diocese, commonly but not so common in modern times. But Pontiff supreme, means the guy who calls the shots. It means that someone is about to intrude and take over the government, illegitimately.

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