3376 Catholics warn the College of Cardinals on the impending Conclave

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Recently, one of the leading controlled opposition news sources in the English speaking, Catholic World — namely LifeSite News — published an article about a petition in which, at the time of the article, 48 clergy and laymen had signed, declaring that the DeathSerums cannot be licitly received by Catholics since they were made using material taken from murdered infants. It is called the “Bethlehem Declaration”, and you can read more about it here.

A laudable petition, without doubt.

But the same outlet refuses to cover the Petition to the College of Cardinals, which as of today has been signed by 3376 Catholics from all over the world. This vast number includes 197 religious and 24 members of the Clergy, priests and deacons.

Now, as Editor of FromRome.Info I know that such a lapse is outrageously shameful. It shows a deliberate malign desire to censor the news and present to the public a reality which does not exist, namely, one in which everyone is a happy follower of Pope Francis, with absolutely no rational or reasonable doubts as to his legitimacy.

I really do not know what to say. But you can decide, which is the true source of news.

FromRome.Info published its first article about the Petition to the cardinals on Nov. 22, 2021.  LifeSite News is still ignoring its existence.

Here is the petition to the Cardinal of Cardinals:

Here is the website where you can sign, if you have not already signed.


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