2 thoughts on “USA: Globalist Regime to purge US Armed Forces who resist DeathSerum”

  1. Unfortunately what most people don’t comprehend is the fact that the U.S. Military is nothing more than a tool for the U.S. Federal Reserve and the global banker Kabbal and, of course, the paid-off left/right “uni-party system of the U.S. government, which by default includes nearly every “occupier” of the Oval Office certainly since Nixon (remember, Nixon took the U.S. entirely off the “gold standard” and along with Kissenger’s “diplomatic expertise” established the “petro-dollar” / U.S. Dollar world reserve currency hegemony.

    Nevertheless, our brothers and sisters serving in the armed services ought not be subjected to these draconian tyrannical measures. Yet the banker Kabbal has, if not completely, been quite effective at usurping authority over every level of government and it’s agencies in the once upon a time Constitutional Republic of these United States of America.

    Gutting the U.S. Armed Services would certainly play in to the hands of the banker Kabbal created United Nations and it’s ancillary NGOs (the WEF, the WHO, the OECD, the IMF, the BIS, the World Bank, to list only some).

    Let us pray and take proper peaceful action that this may resolved in a just manner.

    PEACE and be well. And may all have a blessed Christmas.

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