W.H.O. official admits that SarsCov2 is a complete Hoax

This video is from August, but it merits being shared even today.

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10 thoughts on “W.H.O. official admits that SarsCov2 is a complete Hoax”

  1. I read the same thing about isolation of a virus in David Icke’s last book.
    Dear Alexis, can I use the donate button here to give twenty euro? Or is there amother method? I’m in Italy.

    1. There are at minimum two CDC documents from June and July of 2020 that clearly state exactly what is discussed here. I have not read David Icke’s book. I have the actual CDC documents. I’ve had them since last year. In one of the documents links are provided for the “tech firms” that “engineered” the computer modeling programs to “create” the genome sequencing. As with the “global climate change” lie, everything is based on computer modeling. Both agendas (which are actually one in the same) are complete hoaxes. Actually, worse! They are crimes against humanity.

  2. Del Big Tree pointed out that the virus was not isolated in April 2020….and here we are Dec. 2021. Such a spiritual blindness is what it is.

    1. We live in an age in which the masses prefer to believe lies, which enslave them, than truth and the Gospel which liberates them.

  3. It’s not a ‘virus’ at all. See the current pathology reports from Germany by Dr. Arne Burkhardt in the video. The video is: THE PATHOLOGIST PROF. ARNE BURKHARDT MD: “COVID-19 “VACCINES” CAN INDUCE SELF-DESTRUCTION” Spain just reported that graphene oxide excretes via the lungs. In this pathology report it states, never before seen in ANY autopsy or never described in ANY literature. Multi organ attack. There is no RNA or protein ‘expression’ in any ‘virus’ that has never not been seen., recombined, amplified or other wise. Reason would conclude this is an unknown toxic substance and graphenes are not new but graphene oxide is.

  4. All anti virals are dangerous, they kill your cells, the natural way to clear intracellular debris is initiate apoptosis or to harmlessly digest it with autophagy or clear it with natural interferon. This is nature’s way, harmless.

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