Trump’s pro DeathSerum rhetoric reveals what is really going on

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13 thoughts on “Trump’s pro DeathSerum rhetoric reveals what is really going on”

  1. Anyone stating they were surprised to realize Grifter Trumps Israel Zionist support in the NWO Genocide of America, the world is lying and gate keeper puppets for the Evil that has destroyed us..

  2. There’s that “narrative” again about the vaccinated becoming sick and dying between this past October 2021 and April 2022 (due to antibody enhancement etc.?). If it’s true, then most of the people I love – my sons, their wives, their kids, my brothers and my sister, and all my other relatives and friends – could be dead or dying before my birthday next October. Meanwhile, I won’t be spending Christmas with any of them because I haven’t had a shot and am seen as a great risk to them. So, I’ll spend my Christmas praying that they all got placebos in their shots, and asking Christ and Our Blessed Mother to watch over and protect and keep them all safe from serious harm. Viva Cristo Rey!

    1. We do not yet know enough about the Death Serums to know if they all will die in the next 12-24 months or the next 2-10 years. But if the Lord sends a flu or disease which requires a fully natural immune system, they might all drop dead in a matter of weeks. I think we need to read the 9th chapter of the Apocalypse and understand how great is the anger of the Lord against all who have broken the covenant of nature with Him Who is the Creator of all and the giver of life. Nature, He created, to care for His creatures who are faithful, and to war against His enemies. Cf. the Book of Wisdom, in the Bible.

      1. You’re absolutely right, and Dr. Bhakdi explains why in his video clip:

        He makes it clear that killer lymphocytes in our immune systems will attack the heart, lungs, and liver due to the spike proteins contained in the gene serums (aka “vaccines”). There will also be an explosion of cancer and tuberculosis in Africa, India, and Asia etc. over the next decade due to erosion of peoples’ immune systems. So, your predictions about 2-3 billion people eventually dying also seem pretty accurate.

        Sooner or later, my “vaccinated” relatives and friends may die or be seriously impaired – either next year or over the next several years. So, we know what’s coming, but they don’t and – they don’t want to hear it. This is hardly “good news” at Christmas time, of course, but it’s always better to know than not know the truth.

        The evil geniuses behind the virus, the pandemic, and the “vaccines” discovered ways to destroy billions of people by injecting something into them that causes their own bodies to kill them sooner or later. Yes, the Nature that God created will war against all His enemies, and let’s hope it defeats them very soon. Viva Cristo Rey!

  3. Many Americans are duped to believe anything prescribed or approved by a doctor, or the FDA, or CDC, or NIH. That does not necessarily mean they support the NWO.

  4. Yes indeed, Trump has AGAIN outed himself as a MASSIVE FRAUD, even though the TOTAL DECEIVER that he HAS ALWAYS BEEN was tragically obvious when he gave us “Operation Warp Speed” a year ago — where he even THREATENED TO FIRE THE FDA CHIEF unless there was immediate approval of the Pfizer Frankenshots!!! Trump is AGGRESSIVELY against us.

    There are NO more excuses for people to support/promote Traitor-Trump EVER AGAIN. See link right below lamenting the shameful/catastrophic December anniversary of Trump’s “WARP-SPEEDED” 100% betrayal of Americans to the TREACHEROUS GLOBAL PREDATORS’ program of GENOCIDE.

    Additionally, what a MACABRE MOCKERY of Americans it is when Trump appears with his buddy — fellow FRAUD and fake “Catholic” Bill O’Reilly — to promote the deathserum. Both of these LYING MURDERS are INSANELY WEALTHY precisely BECAUSE they are such perfect puppets of their globalist masters. BOTH continue to FURTHER the globalist GENOCIDING of Americans.

    It is relevant to note that Mike Adams is typically a compulsive and constant Trump cheerleader, so we will see if he decides to come out of the darkness of the fake political narratives after seeing Trump’s latest deadly vax promotion escapade. If Adams still doesn’t forsake the fake Trump narrative, then we’ll know for sure what many have suspected: that Adams himself is just another fake “conservative” serving the “globalists” that he pretends to bash.
    But in any case, perhaps at long last, good Americans will be begin to see the TRUTH about Trump, a GRAND DECEIVER promoting HELL’S GENOCIDING OF HUMANITY. ALL POLITICS IS COMPLETETLY USELESS AT THIS TIME IN HISTORY. As with the FRAUD “Vatican” that blasts out its perfidy, politics is NOTORIOUSLY ROTTEN AND UNTRUSTHWORTHY and the purveyor of EVIL.
    Only Our Lady can save us, so let us pray and sacrifice with increased ardor in the face of HELL’S FURY now DEPLOYED EVERYWHERE AGAINST US.

  5. Brother Alexis — Comment by Viva la Vendee: “Only our lady can save us.” Is there excessive devotion to Mary at work here? It’s a sincere question. I have a devotion to Mary but would never say she can save us. Gives me the willies. I pray her rosary daily. ☺️

    1. She can save us in virtue of the fact, that She stood faithfully united to Her Son, while He offered Himself for the salvation of All, and joined Him perfectly in that offering, so that hence forth, all that She asks for from Her Son, or from the Eternal Father in virtue of His Sacrifice, She obtains, if She sees in the Mystery of God that it is His will that She ask for it.

    2. Our Lady of Fatima said only She can She has promised us .She is in Genesis… crush serpent’s head and Apocalypse… woman clothed in the sun. Give me the willies … find this blasphemous. Excessive devotion?! …. suppose you dont totally believe the words … FULL of grace, and pray for us NOW and at the HOUR OF OUR DEATH.
      Our Lady of Good Success spoke about our times..SHE IS GOING TO CRUSH SATAN’S HEAD.
      How can you have excessive love for Our Lady? I am outta here …. to speak to My Mother and console Her.

  6. In an interview given to professor Thomas William Walsh on July 15 1946 by sister Lucy the last remaining seer of Fatima, she stated that what Our Lady wanted was that the Pope and bishops consecrate Russia to Her Immaculate Heart, thereby gaining a period of peace for the world. If they fall to do so, Russia will spread her errors throughout the whole world. Thomas Walsh asked ,” does this mean that the whole world will become Communist”?, Sister Lucy replied , ” yes”. Wanting to be sure he understood her properly he asked, ” in your opinion does that include the United States of America”, and the answer was ” yes”.
    So, as the consecration of Russia as requested by Our Lady hasn’t been done we are now in the full throes of what was foretold, where Nation, after Nation is succumbing to Communism, freedom eroded, with the jackboot on our necks forever unless Heaven’s request is granted. But Our Lady did say ” In the end the Holy Father will do it”.
    The big question is what will it take, or more to the point what must we go through before Heaven is obeyed.

  7. Please also note regarding the phrase “Ony She can save (you)” that these were the precise words that Our Lady stated to the children at Fatima, as recorded by Lucia. Our Lady was informing us that the “saving” of the post-Fatima world of our day has been particularly entrusted to her Immaculate Heart by God Himself.

    Certainly we know that in the absolute sense only God can save. But little Jacinta clarified Our Lady’s words by telling us: “God has entrusted the peace of the world to Her.”

    Jesus Himself confirmed this in May, 1936. Lucia asked Our Lord why did He not want to convert Russia without the Holy Father making the consecration. Jesus replied (emphasis is mine):
    “Because I WANT MY WHOLE CHURCH TO ACKNOWLEDGE the Consecration as a TRIUMPH OF THE IMMACULATE HEART OF MARY, so that it may extend its cult later, and put the Devotion to My Mother’s Immaculate Heart beside the Devotion to My Sacred Heart.”

    Thus, these are very important words for us: “Only SHE can save you!” To proclaim these words is to understand and promote the fullness of the message of Fatima.

    Fr. Malachi Martin considered Fatima as the single greatest event of the 20th century. We would do well to more fully understand Fatima (and its deliberate suppression starting in about 1960 by a freemasonic “Vatican” that has included a bogus revelation of a fake 3rd Secret in 2000) because, indeed, “Only SHE” has the remedy for our imploding Church and world during these apocalyptic times. Truly, we must understand this and listen to Her!

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