17 thoughts on “Tamar Yonah interviews Br. Bugnolo on “The War Against God””

  1. Thank you. Takes a great deal of guts to say what you just said, but, you said it anyway.. By the way, back in the 50s my father had a hazmat suit and was to in case of nuclear attack. go out and assess amt of radioactivity. SO what you say is not too shocking.

    1. Thank you, brother BUGNOLO. Excellent interview. I agree on everything you said. We will never give up. GOD is winning

  2. This is NOT shocking. These folks not only willingly butcher living human beings in the womb and harvest organs from the babies while alive; THEY CELEBRATE IT. Not only do these sadomasochists celebrate; they sell developed tiny baby bodies/parts for a financial PREMIUM. Any group capable of this “human sacrifice” worse than anything of the Aztecs and Maya Natives having NO knowledge of Jesus Christ is capable of anything.
    There is NO DOUBT these people probably experience sexual gratification through ‘sadism’ exactly as serial murderer/rapists do. The more misery, destruction and DEATH; the BETTER FOR THEM. Axis 2 Diagnosis is really not about psychosis or insanity. Is EVIL. These people are psycho/sociopaths…Evil.
    The difference between the two is: Psychopaths have a complete lack of brain development in the areas associated with moral/ethical development; thus, it’s an ORGANIC ISSUE. Sociopaths CHOOSE evil and this is extremely stressful even though it’s NOT recognized. In the end, there is a far greater probability of some form of ‘dementia’.
    The inmates have stolen control of the Institution.

  3. Wow! Tamar is the best interviewer I have ever seen! She is rational, respectful and insightful! So refreshing to watch unlike CNN and Fox new anchors.
    I hope to see more of her covering this plan-demic.
    Thank you for this video!

  4. Thank you I enjoyed the video a lot. I guess it could be shocking information for those who have swallowed the global lie but not for us.
    God bless

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  6. what the heck is she talking about, to them, Satan is a good guy? are they nuts? oh boy, no one wonder the Jews will openly serve the Antichrist when he is announced.

    1. In later and modern Jewish theology, Satan is charged by God with tempting but never rebelled against God. It’s a completely wrong notion, since we can see from the first century, that it was common knowledge among Jews in Palestine, that Satan was in rebellion and the principle enemy of God. No Angel can be charged by God to lie or deceive or kill, but that is what Satan did in the Garden of Eden….

      1. I wonder, when the CIA with the Rothschilds founded the fake state of Israel, if they did the same corruption and inside attacks that they did to the Catholic Faith, which created this false take on the Jewish Faith that she just shared about the modern take of Satan?

  7. Very interesting to say the least! However, a couple comments on how do we stop this Global war on humanity! First, there isn’t going to be a military or civilian uprising. The uprising will have to come from a spiritual conflict lead by Jesus Christ using parts of society as his tools implementing His plan. God never intended man to live in world without him, and let alone the loss of his Free Will. Artificial intelligence, is God’s hot Botton! People will have to maintain their right to think and choose.
    We are not far away from God’s plan and his second coming, as people are getting further away from His image and likeness. Prayer is man’s weapon to defeat evil.

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