6 thoughts on “US Army develops Universal DeathSerum for all Fake Variants”

  1. I wouldn’t take it, it appears it is another carbon construct (that elderly can’t excrete due to low glutathione reserves) that can express unlimited proteins and no injection is safe (WHO (repeated studies) and Israel Hebrew University 2016), all injections cause inflammation, multi organ damage and risk of malignancy due to destroying mucosa barriers. Zero risk of flu or SARS with a healthy microbiome. So far the only one I’ve seen mention that is Dr. Peter McCullough. The army wouldn’t want to push breastfeeding, the thing that builds that healthy microbiome offering protection until at least age 62, (after that whole fat milk would do the trick in the elderly, waking up senescent cells to phage debris) naturally it would reduce their troops.

  2. PDF) Low Glutathione and High Iron Govern the Susceptibility of Oligodendroglial Precursors to Oxidative Stress | Bernhard Juurlink – Academia.edu

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