3 thoughts on “Best Meme of 2021 A. D.”

  1. Today I visited a shopping centre, and I stopped at a jewelers store, and bought a watch for my muse. I did not wear a mask, as I never do while in a shop. Its only “mandatory” if you can not keep 1 meter distance. 99% wear a mask, and they are all surgical mask, type IIR, which is not made to keep viruses out. Or cloth fabric masks, which are 100% useless in keeping anything out.

    The woman behind the counter eyed me out, saying; “Do you have a mask/want a mask”? I said no. She said; “Well, it can be hard keeping 1 meter distance”.

    The level of non-thinking is amazing. I am surrounded by non-thinking, conditioned, brainwashed people. 1 meter distance? Ok, lets say I walk slowly inside the shopping centre. I breathe. I exhale. What I exhale, do not follow me. It remains in the air, 1, 2, 3, 4 and etc. meters behind me. Where others come walking, and inhales 1 meter huh?

    A surgical mask is open on the sides, and above, and below, the fabric. It stops maximum 60% of small airborne particles, which a virus also is. An FFP2 mask stop 95%. A FFP3 mask stops 99,97%. But people do not know.

    People did not check, investigate, ponder, think, analyze, or add 2+2. Or they did add 2+2, and they found out that the result was 5, or sometimes 7, just as their government told them.

    I have come to realize, the brainwashing starts when you are born, but it depends on your parents. Are they free to think? Maybe yes, but not on certain topics. Certain topics are “forbidden” to analyze. Theese topics are thought through by your goverment, or leading establishment. And on theese topics, your parents know nothing, because all they have is their indoctrination.

    So your goverment become your daddy, or mommy. And they love you, they care for you. And they will make it all right, again.

    They always do. Sort of. But not this time.

    It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen.

  2. I went to my family Christmas dinner and I was met by my 45 yr old son with a Covid testing kit.and two swabs to stick up my nose. I tried to tell him I had lifetime immunity bc I had Covid last year. He came in with the results after 5 min and I was negative. They all tried to talk me into getting the jab even though science is on my side.


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