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  1. If we accept that viruses do not exist, then how do we explain the phenomenon of contagion? It is a common experience that if a person with certain disease symptoms associates closely with a group of people that others in that group may shortly have the same or similar symptoms. I am thinking right now of a specific situation where this happened as the result of a Thanksgiving family gathering. The elderly attendee became very ill and everyone else at gathering became ill to lesser degrees.

    1. Assuming that virus transmission is excluded, it may have to do with season and proximity. The idea that there is some “communication” taking place between bodies where a process is triggerred to begin. Somehow like when in nature, the female species is fertile, the male becomes aroused, perhaps explained by smell, but we don’t really know.

      There could also be cyclical conditions involved where at this time of year where there are mating seasons, there are also cold/flu seasons, so there is a relationship between nature and our bodies and a relationship between each others bodies that is not sufficiently understood.

      1. This would explain why antibiotics are effective, at least while a person is taking them.

  2. In 1889 Dutch physician Christiaan Eijkman working in Indonesia attempted to find out why chickens came down with a disease that affected their nervous systems. Other researchers said it was a virus and that they had isolated the virus, that it was communicable. So Eijkman put the chickens in single cages so they had no contact with other chickens. The contagion continued. By happenstance, the feed for the chickens changed from polished to whole grain rice. All the chickens got well. It was later discovered there is a vitamin in the bran of rice, vitamin B1, that is essential for nervous system function, that is missing in processed grains (w/o bran). This disease became known as beriberi. Vitamin B1 deficiency was rampant in Japan where polished rice was produced and navy men drank alcohol (sake) which interferes with vitamin B1 nutriture. In the 1970s beriberi returned to Japan and a new generation of doctors was perplexed as to its cause. It was ruining their society. Older doctors showed it was a lack of B1. Alcohol intake at home is up 500% in the anxiety over Covid-19. People are losing sleep and drinking stimulants like coffee and tea, which contain molecules that block B1. Only a very few investigators have proposed a great deal of the Covid-19 pandemic is caused by a lack of B1. People gather at weddings, birthday parties, drink alcohol and coffee and go home and come down with symptoms of beriberi that mimic a viral infection. This falsely appears to be contagion.

  3. I am willing to accept Dr. Cowan’s premise that viruses have never been isolated, the COVID-19 virus does not exist, and that “viruses” are actually fragments of damaged cells poisoned by toxins.

    However, this does not rule out transmission of other pathogens – such as bacteria, parasites, and mycotoxins (mold toxins) – between people.

    I remember a woman coughing on me at church for an hour and I became sick with bronchitis for a month afterwards.

    Another time, I planted pansies in damp soil that had overwintered in a concrete planter. Within 5 minutes of stirring the soil, I began coughing and became sick with bronchitis that lasted a month.

    Just yesterday, I was digging up and replanting daylilies and peonies in my garden. Several hours later, I had a very stuffy nose, which I treated with high doses of vitamin C. By this morning, whatever caused the stuffy nose (probably mold from the soil) was out of my system and my stuffy nose went away.

    I am certain that in each case, I breathed something into my lungs that made me ill.

    This illness, sometimes called “farmer’s lung” is well-documented among farmers and gardeners.

    I have a long history of illness caused by mold.

    I think people do “catch” pathogens that make them ill from their environment and other people, although these things are not viruses.

  4. Poisons exist and they can harm and kill. The vaccines contain various poisons and parasites according to those investigating their contents. Similarly frequencies can harm or cure.

  5. Biological end products are almost always toxic (endotoxins or gas). That is why you excrete them via the lungs, feces or urine or digest them in autophagy or phagocytosis. If you don’t they are the second leading cause of chronic disease, poor sanitation. The first cause is poor microbiota caused by not breastfeeding or later destruction. Zero risk of flu or SARS with a healthy microbiome (common verbiage notwithstanding, it IS cellular debris). The third cause is food security, quality, safety or lack (malnutrition syndromes). The WHO determined this hierarchy of values in 2017 and if all three were properly addressed there would be a 90% reduction in chronic disease. The most preventable cause is toxicity and that includes avoiding injections of any kind, they cause inflammation, damage to mucosa barriers and high risk of malignancy (2016, Hebrew University Clinical Liver and Immunology).

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