7 thoughts on “Testimonies from Medical Doctors 100 yrs ago against the myth of Vaccination”

  1. Pure logic applied by very capable and honest doctors. These days we are expected to believe the mendacious and nonsensical outpourings of criminals.

  2. Mahatma Gandhi warned in one of his books vs vaccines as well.
    As a 3 year old I had measles: as a child, I got, as far as known,
    only vaccinated vs smallpox (in the upper arm)

  3. Good for you, Mike.

    As foster parents, we were required to take our newborn foster son for “wellness visits” at the medical clinic in which he was jabbed with multiple poisons. I feel awful about it.

    Our 18-yr old nephew is a non-verbal autistic. My sense is this was due to a vaccine injury, though it can’t be proven. My family will not hear of it. All but me have taken the vaxx.

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