Bergoglio unmasks himself, by denying Pensions to no-Vaxx Vatican employess

Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

For 8 years Jorge Mario Bergoglio’s mouth has flooding the main stream media with talk about helping the poor, helping the disadvantaged, helping those on the confines, being with the sheep, reducing laws etc….

But he has unmasked himself, yet again, as a godless Globalist, by his recent measure by which he has stopped paying all pensions to Vatican workers who refused to be DeathVaxxed.  If you are death-vaxxed, you will die prematurely.

The Vatican has 2.4 Billion in unfunded pension problems. What more godless way to solve that than killing all those who are to receive them?

This man is a devil. To name him in the Canon of the Mass is a Satanic offense to God.