6 thoughts on “How to be a Catholic: Episode #6: How to serve Christ the King”

  1. Bravo Fra Alexis, our prayers and passive resistance are with you. Christus vincit! Ave Maria gratia plena!!

  2. God Bless you and keep you in good healthy to continue the fight for right.
    Globalist NWO Nazi Communist Cabal really believes they have won; they have been victorious over those rebelling. There is no sign of hiding the evil deeds they perpetrate.

    It will become worse after the Holidays. More will have to stand, rebel, refuse the demand to bow and allow them to make the world its slave, Nuremberg 2.0 will awaken the world to present The New World Court with the procedings streamed to the world to decide the fate of Criminals against Humanity perpetrating this PLANNED Bio-Warfare beginning with the bioweapon virus and continued with the Gene Therapy/Nano Particles they now define the vaccine to elleviate suspicion and to allow the money to continue to roll in,

    Had enough of the fecal matter pulled by idiots. May God bless and keep us all and convert the unbelievers and those lukewarm. May those in purgatory be released to worship our Lord Jesus and praise the Holy Family every moment of every day,

  3. Surely we can demand the media to be silent for a time. They have no right to brain wash anyone! God bless you Brother. Keep strong. I urge all catholics to recite the Divine Praises often.”Blessed Be God,Blessed be His Holy Name etc

  4. I will not surrender my rights as a sovereign human being. Humanity will regain their rights. Thank you brother for showing us the way. Your leadership is helping so many of us choose the right path.

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