NEW ZEALAND: Govt. approves Euthanasia for Covid patients

Editor’s Note: Your local hospitals have been rebranded as Auschwitz 2.0.

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6 thoughts on “NEW ZEALAND: Govt. approves Euthanasia for Covid patients”

  1. I find this terrifying beyond description , what could possibly go wrong here? For starters doctors will be paid an extra $1,000 per murder they commit. They will have the ability to kill off basically any patient they deem as unworthy, we have already seen this done. Lastly there is the issue of the illegal sale of organs which is also in the background of this plandemic. Unfortunately NZ is not the first country to start doing this.

  2. I live in NZ.
    It’s scary how fast this country has changed into a place I don’t recognise much anymore.
    The vast majority here are blindfolded morons who seems to believe everything they are told. People walk around with surgical masks on trails in regional parks.
    If they only knew how much the government here have deceived and lied to people, and how all the measures and draconian laws have had a extreme negative effect on the economy, and on people’s mental health.
    In just 8 months into the “pandemic”, over 26700 business have shut down. Imagine the number after 2 years.
    How many suicides?
    Nobody knows, as they keep that a secret till 2023. Interesting.
    Deaths from this useless and poisonous clot shot?
    Officially not many, but I suspect it must be at least in the hundreds by now.
    Some here even believes there are no deaths from their magic potion.
    They haven’t even started to jab kids 5-11 yet. Imagine all these kids that will now have a ruined future, or being killed by this poison.
    Then imagine all the jabbed Onnes in total that will suffer from ADE after 12 months.
    There are 0 covid cases in the community. 90% are jabbed with a useless product that kills them slowly, made for something that does not even exist in the wild here.
    How will they explain away all the permanently damaged people?
    All the deaths? What about all the dead kids?
    Myocarditis and heart attacks in young kids and younger people?
    Good luck with that!
    A few hundred years ago we would have executed corrupt and evil people for far less.
    The whore mp went from 800k a year, to a whopping 25 million salary this year. Where did that money come from?
    Every time I hear and see her and that fake smile and condescending tone like she talks to kids, and that so called Team Of 5 Million bullshit, I almost vomit. She seems to fool a lot of idiots. People here are really weak and gullible.
    They actually believe they did something good. Nevermind that now jabbed and unjabbed can not enter same places anymore. It worked fine before, but suddenly it is a big NO. Even some public toilets have jabbpass. It’s truly pathetic..
    Seriously, New Zealand needs to be brought back, and the useless government, and the fake whore of an mp needs to go!

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