3 thoughts on “The Scientific Explanation why the DeathSerums will kill everyone who received them”

  1. @George LeyVa
    Indeed, it can sometimes be difficult to find the source address. I think it depends on who hosts the video. Sometimes just a rigjt-click on the video will allow you to copy the source address or open in a separate tab, but that wasn’t possible with this video (on Firefox).

    So, here’s what I did in Firefox:

    1. Click on the title of the article, which takes you to the page with comments.
    2. Right click and choose “view Page Source”.
    3. Search for the string “/embed/” (without the quotes).
    4. In this case, there were two candidates: a YouTube video and a Bitchute video. The correct one is the Bitchute video: https://www.bitchute.com/embed/ovxbWSIv3wvD/

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